ISSUES Spring 2007

Spring 2007, Vol. 41, No. 1

The Coming Age Wave: Are We Ready?



  • "Reflections" by Brian L. Friedrich, President
  • "Age-Wave Concerns" by Dr. Renea Gernant
  • "The 'Age Wave' and the Church" by Arthur J. Constien
  • "I Have a Dream" by the Rev. Walter M. Schoedel


  • "The Age Tsunami and 21st Century Congregations" by Cliff Pederson
  • "Age-Wave Adults: Faith Challenges and Opportunities" by Dr. Marvin Bergman
  • "The Graying and Greening of the Church" by Dr. Shirley Bergman

Book Reviews

  • Kathy Black's and Heather Murray Elkins' Wising Up: Ritual Resources for Women of Faith in Their Journey of Aging by Martha Fick
  • William Wolfram's Regarding the Cross by Richard Wiegmann
  • Lynne Hugo's Where the Trail Grows Faint: A Year in the Life of a Therapy Dog Team by Dr. Lisa Ashby