ISSUES Fall 2012

Fall 2012 Vol. 46, No. 1

Intentional Family Ministry: A Golden Opportunity



  • “Reflections" by Rev. Dr. Brian L. Friedrich, President
  • “Is Family Ministry Different from Ministry?” by Dr. Kathy Miller
  • “The Redemption of Family” by Bob Fossum and Robin Fossum
  • "The Big Hairy Monster Under the Pew” by Steve Henderson


  • “Family: The New Mission Field” by David J. Ludwig
  • “The Greatest Family Legacy: Nuturing a Healthy Person of Faith" By Roland Martinson
  • “How Do the Scriptures View Families?” by Kevin Kohnke
  • "An Intentional Ministry--Family Ministry" by Roger Sonnenberg
  • "Certification for Intentional Family Ministry" by Michael Walcheski 

Book Reviews

  • Ryan Matthias reviews “Vibrant Faith in the Congregation”
  • "God's Design for His Daughters" Reviewed by Christine Blanke
  • "Laughter in the Walls" Reviewed by Terence R. Groth