ISSUES Fall 2006

Fall 2006, Vol. 40, No. 2

The Power of the Visual Arts in Communicating the Gospel



  • "Reflections" by Brian L. Friedrich, President
  • "That You Might See with the Eyes of Your Heart" by Rev. Howard Patten
  • "The Eye of the Beholder" by Rev. David Block
  • "What Does Jesus’ Body Look Like?" by Karl Fay, Concordia Seminary Student
  • "A Return to Old Models?" by Dr. Joseph Herl


  • "Couldn’t This Have Been Sold and the Money Given to the Poor?" by James Wetzstein
  • "The Silent Witness: The Visual Arts in the Service of the Church" by Kenneth Schmidt
  • "Toward a Visual Rhetoric of the Gospel" by Paul Berkbigler & Bruce Creed

Book Reviews

  • Frank Burch Brown's Good Taste, Bad Taste, and Christian Taste: Aesthetics in Religious Life by Professor Daniel A. Siedell
  • David W. Eggebrecht's Spirit in Drama: A Practical Guide for Churches and Schools by Dr. Mira Wiegmann
  • Michael Bausch's Silver Screen, Sacred Story: Using Multimedia in Worship by Peter Wille