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Concordia names 20 presidential scholars

Tuesday, Sep. 16, 2014
Front row (l-r): Jonathan Anderson, Emily Sievert, Grace Lozier, Sarah Brutlag, Hayli Frosheiser. Second row from bottom (l-r): Megan Barz, Allison Mackie, Laura Soundy, Lindsay Sampson, Ben Middendorf. Third row from bottom (l-r): Cadence Klemp, Emmiline

Front row (l-r): Jonathan Anderson, Emily Sievert, Grace Lozier, Sarah Brutlag, Hayli Frosheiser. Second row from bottom (l-r): Megan Barz, Allison Mackie, Laura Soundy, Lindsay Sampson, Ben Middendorf. Third row from bottom (l-r): Cadence Klemp, Emmiline Moll, Elisha Scheiber, Benjamin Leeper, Cameron Yee. Back row (l-r): Scott Johnson, Zachary Barz, Curtis Byal, Laura Hedstrom, Nathan Toenjes

Concordia has announced this year’s presidential scholars, recipients of its top financial award. The scholarship recognizes incoming students with outstanding academic performance, high test results and well-rounded extracurricular activities.

“Like all of our students, these young scholars will make a unique and important contribution to the Concordia experience and, with God’s blessings, a significant impact on church and world,” said President Brian Friedrich. “Their accomplishments throughout high school are impressive, and we are thrilled to have them on campus.”

The presidential scholarship is valued at $72,000 over the course of four years. Students must maintain good standing on campus and a GPA of 3.5 for the scholarship to be renewed each year.

This year’s recipients include (in alphabetical order by state and then city):

Lindsay Sampson, Tustin, Calif.

Cameron Yee, Berthoud, Colo.

Benjamin Leeper, Falcon, Colo.

Grace Lozier, Arthur, Iowa

Megan Barz, Dubuque, Iowa

Zachary Barz, Dubuque, Iowa

Scott Johnson, Kansas City, Kan.

Emily Sievert, Frankenmuth, Mich.

Cadence Klemp, Winona, Minn.

Sarah Brutlag, Saint Louis, Mo.

Allison Mackie, Columbus, Neb.

Laura Hedstrom, Oxford, Neb.

Benjamin Middendorf, Scotia, Neb.

Jonathon Anderson, Seward, Neb.

Hayli Frosheiser, Seward, Neb.

Emmiline Moll, Seward, Neb.

Elisha Scheiber, Seward, Neb.

Laura Soundy, Sioux Falls, S.D.

Curtis Byal, Austin, Texas

Nathan Toenjes, Green Bay, Wis.