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All that and Moore

By Jacob Knabel on Feb. 3, 2022 in Softball

Expectations were incredibly high for Camry Moore when she officially signed with Concordia University Softball on Nov. 20, 2017. Said Shawn Carr, her high school head coach, at the time, “All the little kids in Crete say they want to be Camry, my daughter included.” There were wide grins that day for Moore, who wasn’t far removed from leading Crete High School to a Class B state championship.

Moore had changed her college choice after originally selecting NCAA Division II University of Sioux Falls. Considering all the accolades, Moore was looked at as a big-time recruit. If she felt the pressure, it’s been hard to tell. Moore has thrived while doing what she loves.

Says Moore in her modesty, “I don’t really feel like I’m standing out. I do what I do and have fun doing it. The community support both in Crete and here in Seward – seeing the familiar fans in the stands when you play – is really special and super cool.”

The spotlight tends to find you when you accomplish the feats Moore has achieved. In her third collegiate season, Moore flourished in earning First Team All-GPAC honors. She’s become one of the very best in the conference with both the bat and pitching arm. On back-to-back days in May 2021, Moore led the Bulldogs to two conference tournament wins over arch nemesis Morningside. In one of those games, Moore crushed two homers. In the other, she fired a two-hit shutout.

Coming up big in big moments is what Moore does. Carr wasn’t lying when he said he had never coached anyone with greater composure. Moore’s cool demeanor helped her enjoy one of the finest seasons ever turned in by a Bulldog Softball player – and was a key factor in advancing the 2021 team to the national tournament. Now a senior, Moore knows just what she’s capable of at this level.

“I feel like my maturity at the college level was something I was starting to build sophomore year when the season got shut down,” Moore said. “Last year I could play and be confident in what I was doing. It’s a different level than summer ball and high school. Being able to go out and play and be a leader out there is something I feel like I was starting to get control of last year. I’m excited to continue that and help lead this team again.”

This preseason has already provided a new experience for Moore, who as a child looked up to former Nebraska Cornhusker star Tatum Edwards. She had no idea that Edwards would one day be her head coach. They share each other’s fierce competitiveness. The pairing with Edwards just might elevate Moore’s game another rung this spring.

“It’s been pretty cool because she’s seasoned in what she does,” Edwards said of Moore. “She’s a senior, she knows how she works. We’re talking things out and learning from each other. I want to know how she works and what works best for her. I’ve challenged her to explain things a little bit more. That for her has been different, but I think it helps her understand what makes her succeed. We know how to communicate exactly what we want to achieve. I love how she works and how she has her eyes on the prize. She’s going to do the work that she needs to do.”

Edwards is determined to push Moore to her maximum potential. Moore may have recorded a sparkling 1.78 ERA and she may have batted .386 in 2021, but there’s no resting on such laurels. Also a high achiever in the classroom, Moore is something of a perfectionist. Academically, she has pursued mathematics, computer science and criminal justice.

In the circle, Moore can’t stand the sight of watching an opposing batter take a free pass. She’s walked only 31 batters in 344.2 career innings pitched. Her precision is nearly impeccable. Can she really be much better? Edwards intends to find out.

“She’s pushed me,” said Moore of her new head coach. “There have been days I’ve walked out of my pitching sessions just beaten down, sad and upset because I wasn’t doing as well as I should have. She just has such a high expectation for you and she’s not going to let you be satisfied. It’s something I kind of struggle with at times. It’s awesome to be pushed like that and see where your potential can go. She’s working hard with us pitchers and I’m learning a lot. It will help me some day when I potentially coach young girls or coach a team of my own.”

This may be Moore’s final season, but the example she sets will reverberate for years to come as “Coach T” puts her stamp on Concordia Softball. Moore has shown a path to success for those who choose to pay attention. She doesn’t complain or cause unnecessary drama, Moore just digs in and does her job – and does it exceptionally well.

At the age of five, Moore began whirling softballs, something she’s done so countless times with her father Alan (an assistant softball coach). The game simply suited her personality and provided a sense of purpose. Says Moore, “It’s just fun. The challenge is that everything comes with little details that you have to get right in order to be successful. Working to get those little details right is a process I’ve enjoyed. I love being outdoors and playing in all kinds of weather. A lot of girls don’t like playing when it’s cold. I don’t mind playing when it’s cold.”

She doesn’t ask for it, but Moore understands what it’s like now to have eyeballs on her when she’s on the diamond. It’s hard to miss the 5-foot-11 Moore, who impacts every game in so many ways. It’s not just what the statistics show. For Moore personally, she’s going to miss playing the sport and the friendships that come within the team atmosphere. There will be one ‘Moore’ ride with good friend and fellow senior Kylee Nixon and Concordia Softball.

“The past three years have been as much as I could have asked for,” Moore said. “I think the biggest thing I’m going to take away from it are the friendships and relationships I’ve built with my teammates. Even some of the freshmen coming in this year have been great – great additions to our team and personalities to be around. I’ve gotten to build those relationships and continue playing the sport we love. The school has brought so much to me and has taught me a lot with softball, life and academics.”