Max Country Q&A with QB DJ McGarvie

By Jacob Knabel on Jun. 2, 2023 in Football

AUDIO: Bulldog Coaches Show (May 18, 2023)

Concordia Bulldogs quarterback DJ McGarvie joined the Bulldog Coaches Show that aired on May 18 and provided an update on the progress of the 2023 team. Below is the transcript of that conversation with host Parker Cyza. Audio can be found by clicking the link above.

In his second year as a starting quarterback this past fall, McGarvie broke a 21-year-old school record for passing yards in a single season formerly held by Jarrod Pimentel (2,178). In 10 games, the Lincoln North Star High School product piled up 2,553 passing yards while also breaking season standards for completions (229) and attempts (388). With two years to go, McGarvie already owns school career rankings of fourth in passing touchdowns (37) and fifth in passing yards (4,037).

Q: Spring ball wrapped up in April with a scrimmage. What are your thoughts on the practices and the workouts this spring?

DM: All the workouts were super intense for us. We had two different lifting sessions, and we always pushed each other. We ran every day and got after it. During practices and scrimmages, we’re a team, but since we’re going against each other every day, it’s like playing a game every single day of the week. We took it very intense.

Q: Take us through some of the offseason workouts you do at the quarterback spot – conditioning, weightlifting and throwing to receivers. Take us through the things you do in the offseason.

DM: It’s about the same as the other skill guys with some tweaks that are different for the quarterback. We had two different lifting groups. We had a speed workout where it’s about speed and agility and then a volume (workout) on another day. Any time we were free, me and a couple other guys – like in between classes – we would just go out and throw.

Q: People might not know you’re from Valparaiso, Nebraska. You went to Lincoln North Star High School and then made your way to the Bulldogs. Just tell us a little about your background, where you’re from and how you got to Concordia.

DM: I lived in Lincoln most of my life. I moved out to Valparaiso later on and went to Lincoln North Star. I followed my sister (Caitlyn) there. Concordia just seemed like the right fit. I just wanted to be with my sister for a longer time, I guess. If my sister wasn’t here, I still would have come, but that made it a pretty easy decision for me.

Q: Your sister Caitlyn was a star on the softball team. With that, tell us what it’s like to share the spotlight with your sister in the Bulldog Athletic programs.

DM: It’s always fun. We’re both super competitive. We would go home and joke about which McGarvie is better. We’re just super competitive and always support each other when we can. If we didn’t have spring ball practices, I would have went to most of her games out of town. I don’t think she’s missed a single game of mine in the last two years. She’s always come out to support me.

Q: Let’s go back to your freshman year at Concordia. You ended up coming in a couple of games into the season and took the team by storm. Going back to when you made your first starts a couple of years ago, what did it feel like to take the reins of this program at the quarterback spot?

DM: It was great. I had great people around me – all the wide receivers and linemen. They’re always helping me out and looking out for me. Jonah (Weyand) in the backfield helped me a ton with learning things. I knew where the running back had to line up, but I didn’t have to tell him one time. He just knew and went there right away.

Q: You’re second year you set a bunch of season records for the Bulldogs. To start the year, it was Austin Jablonski taking the reins at the quarterback position and then obviously there was a switch. They go back to you. What was last season like for you with all the statistical successes and what was it like working with Austin? He’s obviously a terrific athlete too.

DM: We didn’t have the season start like we wanted to. Me and Jabo – when he was at quarterback – we always pushed each other. He made me so much better throughout that first three-to-four weeks when he was at quarterback. I knew, only the best player gets that spot.

Q: Tell me about Korrell Koehlmoos. He had one of the most successful wide receiver careers at Concordia. You guys were like Batman and Robin out there. Tell me about your rapport with him?

DM: He just knew how to get open – that’s the best way to put it. Coach Dabs said right at the beginning of spring ball during install, ‘We’re going to have to run these routes the correct way, not the Koehlmoos way.’ Me and Koehlmoos were on the same page the whole time. During the offseason we worked out a bunch and got that trust. If he saw something, usually I saw the same thing with him. It worked out well with us.

Q: Tell me a little bit about the Bulldog offense. What are you guys trying to accomplish and what are your goals on a game-by-game basis?

DM: We just want to score as many points as possible really. If we put up around 34 points, I believe it’s around a 90 percent win rate in the last 10 years. One of our coaches pointed that out to us. That’s our goal.

Q: Coming up this 2023 football season, you’ll take on the defending national champions Northwestern College at home. I’m sure you’re looking forward to that opportunity. What are you looking forward to most about the opportunity come September?

DM: I’m very excited. It’s always a blessing to face a top-tier opponent like Northwestern week one. It shows how much effort we put in during the offseason and how we can match up against a top-tier team. We’re excited to be in that position and play them week one, just like we were my freshman year when we played Morningside week one right after their championship.