Bulldogs travel to New Orleans for Mission Trip

By on May. 27, 2011 in Football

Bulldogs travel to New Orleans for Mission Trip

The Concordia University football team traveled to New Orleans earlier this month for a mission trip.  The 2011 seniors and members of the Bulldog coaching staff took part in the trip.  The Bulldogs stayed at Camp Restore, spent three days working in the community and put on a 2-day camp while in New Orleans. 

During their first day in New Orleans, the guys worked in the Lower 9th Ward Village.  The “Village” is a non-profit community center located in one of the areas most affected by Hurricane Katrina.  They cleaned out lots and helped members of the community in cleaning out trees and garbage from various properties. The Bulldogs also spent part of the first day reading to students in local elementary schools.

On the second day of the trip, the Bulldogs worked at a National Historic Cemetery at the site of the “Battle of New Orleans”.  Hurricane Katrina covered the 17,000 grave stones with mud and water, and the stones had yet to be cleaned.  The Bulldogs worked to clean up the site.  The Bulldogs also opened their 2-day football camp later the same day.  Kids ages 6-16 took part in the camp at the local NFL “Yet” Center in New Orleans.

The guys returned to the 9th Ward the next day and continued cleaning the area.  The Bulldogs were fortunate to meet many citizens who told their stories.  The 2-day camp concluded later that day, and the Bulldogs returned home the following morning. 

“This was an outstanding trip in terms of team building and service work,” said Bulldog head coach Vance Winter.  “I think our kids got a lot out of it, and we impacted a lot of people while we were there.  We all appreciated the opportunity to help a struggling community, get to know some great people and see what God is doing through Camp Restore.” 

Kurt Jostes from Camp Restore put together a video clip which highlights Concordia’s trip to New Orleans.  The link to the video is below.