Why Concordia? Incoming athletes sound off

By on Aug. 8, 2019 in Athletic Announcements

With fall athlete report date (Aug. 8) now here, we take a look at the reasons why the incoming class of new Bulldogs settled on Concordia. Overwhelmingly, student-athletes cited the Christian environment and the welcoming atmosphere they experienced on their recruit visits. Several also made reference to the sparkling athletic facilities, influential coaches and highly regarded academic programs Concordia has to offer. The responses below were taken from surveys submitted by student-athletes who are about to become the newest Bulldogs.

Jaiden Beecher, Women’s Soccer
Home away from home and the facilities are very nice.

Tyler Bartels, Men’s Golf
The amazing faculty and Christian atmosphere on campus as well as the great opportunity to continue my education and golf career.

AJ Beins, Football
Best option for me to play football and get a great education. I love the campus and everyone I have met on it so far!

Wyatt Cast, Football
Felt like a good fit and seemed like the players were really united and had one goal in mind!

Carson Core, Football
I love Seward.

Erik Cumley, Football
I felt the school met my needs for my career choice. I really liked the coaching staff for football and felt they cared for all their players and their well-being both on and off the field. I really liked the campus and the size the campus. Everyone seemed genuine in caring about each other. 

Taylor Dougherty, Softball
I chose to attend Concordia because during my visit it felt like a good place to have as my home for the next four years. Also, I loved the atmosphere that the school and softball team gave out.

Ashley Gerczynski, Women’s Golf
I chose Concordia because I wanted a family that will support me in my academic, my athletics and my spiritual life. I felt welcomed and at home when I visited the campus and knew this was the place for me.

Matthew Holmes, Football (Transfer)
The community pride was one of the first things that jumped out at me when I stepped on campus for my visit. I remember Coach Daberkow picking up three pieces of trash while touring campus and I thought to myself “This is a guy who really loves and respects his school.” I knew that was something I want to be a part of.

Brent Houchin-Hart, Football
I loved the campus and the coaches. Everyone seemed very inviting and I felt as if I was needed. The whole atmosphere was amazing.

Shelby Jones, Volleyball
I chose Concordia because I want a family feel and I get that at Concordia. I want to know the names of my classmates and other people I meet on the sidewalk. I have several family members in Lincoln so I am excited to be close to them. I want a taste of the city life but also the comfort of being in a smaller town. I like the space from my parents and Concordia is the perfect distance. The campus at Concordia is beautiful and I noticed how clean everything is. I have met some staff and my volleyball team and I love the positive energy and competitiveness to become a better version of ourselves.

Madison Koch, Dance
The friendly people and awesome atmosphere. Great educational opportunities and the wonderful dance program. 

Averie Lambrecht, Women’s Basketball / Track & Field
Loved the team and Coach Olson is great!

Kayla Luebbe, Women’s Basketball
Because of the great people and the culture/environment of the basketball team and because it is close enough to home where my family will be able to see me play basketball.

Lisa McClain, Women’s Soccer
I chose to attend Concordia because there is such a large sense of community and there are so many new opportunities. I get to continue the sport I love and get a great education all while meeting new people.

Colton Meyer, Track & Field
Through high school I would go to winter camps here and always loved how friendly and inviting campus felt. After I knew I wanted to run track in college the great coaching staff and facilities were here and so it was the obvious choice.

Brooklyn Minzel, Women’s Basketball
Great basketball program, family-like culture, close to home and friendly atmosphere.

Taylor Moes, Track & Field
The campus is beautiful and it's a very welcoming place.

Hannah Mundt, Cross Country/Track & Field
I chose to attend Concordia because I love Lutheran education. I appreciate the family atmosphere of small Christian schools. The kindness and genuineness I experienced on campus were unmatched by other schools. I desire to pursue a career in church work. Concordia offers an exceptional program for Lutheran educators.

Cade Peterson, Football
I chose to attend Concordia because I loved the atmosphere and how the coaches and players treated me when I came and visited the campus. I also have family that live in Omaha.

Mollie Rathjen, Cross Country/Track & Field
I loved the small campus and how friendly everyone was there. I feel right at home when I’m there. It will be a great place for me to thrive as a student and an athlete.

Sabrina Reed, Cheer
The faith-centered learning is much more personal and not shoved down your throat but simply there to help you learn more and make a decision for yourself.

Hannah Schmidt, Dance
I chose to attend Concordia because of their mission. I love the idea of including my faith within my studies.

Austin Schneider, Track & Field
I chose Concordia because the coaches and staff are super nice, the campus is super clean and the teachers will be amazing. However, the main reason is because the track team is going to be a giant family.

Isaiah Shaddick, Men’s Soccer
I love the service minded attitude as well as the community at Concordia. I'm also impressed with the track record of academic and athletic success of students at Concordia.

Abigail Staehr, Cross Country/Track & Field
I chose Concordia because it has a wonderful atmosphere, and it holds its students to the highest standard. I looked at other colleges, but I felt that Concordia had the best academic program as well as a great faith-building community, which is super important to me.

Bailie Vanarsdall, Cross Country/Track & Field
Because it was faith-based and the facilities were the nicest out of every other college I visited. All of the staff was genuinely friendly to me and my family on my visit and I knew it was the perfect fit.

Kennedy VanScoy, Volleyball
I felt at home and felt very valued in the sport I am playing.

Keon Waters, Football
The people all the way from the players to the coaches to the professors made me feel as if I was one of their own students at the school while I was on a visit.

Rebecca Weddell, Track & Field
I chose Concordia because of the home-like atmosphere. Everyone is very welcoming to incoming freshmen. I really like the great track program and facilities. Also, I wanted to learn more about my faith. 

Kalee Wiltfong, Volleyball
I chose Concordia because it felt like home to me. Everyone I have met are so nice and supportive of you. I also chose it because the facilities here are not like any other college.

Shelby Ziegler, Softball
The atmosphere on campus is unbeatable. The Christian environment is what set Concordia apart from other colleges I visited. Everyone I met was super personable.