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Why Concordia? The class of 2021 responds

By Jacob Knabel on Jul. 22, 2021 in Athletic Announcements

As part of a student-athlete profile form, incoming Bulldogs were asked why they chose to attend Concordia. A sampling of their answers can be found below. The responses are reflective of a unique environment. In their choosing of Concordia, incoming class members cited factors such faith-based, community feel, top notch facilities, strong academic programs and excellent coaches and professors.

Brittney Aitken, Track & Field
I really connected well with the coaching staff at Concordia.

Lauren Baker, Women’s Basketball
I chose to attend Concordia because of the small, family environment and the high-level education.

Lilley Barber, Women’s Soccer
It had everything I was looking for in a college with the community, small town feel and so much more.

Elena Batenhorst, Track & Field
When I first stepped on campus, I knew I was home. I fell in love with everything within Concordia.

Greta Corneliusen, Track & Field
I love the Christ-centered community in both the school and the track team, and it immediately felt like my home away from home!

Efren Flores Fierro, Men’s Soccer
I loved the atmosphere and the environment of the school.

Nathalie Fortenberry, Cheer
I chose Concordia because of its community, core values and its faith life.

Thomas Gorline, Cross Country/Track & Field
I wanted to be at a school where I could be not just another face in the crowd.

Abby Heemstra, Women’s Basketball
I chose Concordia because I really liked its atmosphere. The professors I met with were super helpful and I enjoyed being around the coaches and players of the women's basketball team.

Riley Hoetfelker, Men’s Basketball
I loved the environment of Concordia from the second I set foot on campus. From the people to the facilities, Concordia seemed to provide all that I could ask for in a post-secondary education source. Specifically, I was drawn to the new addition of the Dunklau Center for Science, Math and Business building. On the athletic side, I wanted to be a part of a program where I could develop into the best basketball player I could be and I felt that Concordia's program was the best destination for me. I feel that this university is the best-suited spot for me in regards to maximizing my potential. The most substantial reason that I chose Concordia University was to take a leap in my faith and religious beliefs through the Lutheran environment that this university provides.

Emily Howard, Women’s Soccer
The atmosphere felt like home and the people are so welcoming.

Cassidy Knust, Volleyball
I love the culture and small community aspect here at CUNE.

Corey Krueger, Men’s Basketball
Love the campus and the environment the team provides.

Scott Neidel, Baseball
It felt like home away from home, and I really felt like the coaches wanted me more than just as a player.

Ty Nekoliczak, Baseball
Love the coaches, had a great family feel. I have heard great things about the school and people, and my sister attended there so I was exposed to the college at a young age.

Zander Pacheco, Men’s Tennis
I really loved the atmosphere and how small the school was.

Dominic Philippi, Football/Baseball
I know I can thrive because of the small, hometown feel while also growing physically and spiritually into the person I am intended to be.

Adam Relitz, Baseball
I chose to attend Concordia because all of the stars aligned for me to have the perfect fit. The baseball program is extremely competitive and ran by a great coaching staff, it had the major I intend on studying, it was a smaller school where I could get to know my teachers and classmates better, and it's the perfect distance from home where I can feel independent. It also has a welcoming community and beautiful campus.

Katheryn Rice, Dance
I choose to attend Concordia for its academics and spiritual life. I love the atmosphere Concordia creates and the community it provides.

Bre Romero, Cheer
The school’s values match mine. The ratio to student and teacher is smaller than big schools and I learn better that way. Being able to continue my passion for cheerleading is also a big influence.

Austen Rozelle, Track & Field
I enjoy the faith based atmosphere that Concordia provides. I also enjoy the hominess of the campus and the people on it. It really ties into everything I could ask for in a college.

Victor Santana, Baseball
Great atmosphere with coaches that care about making their players better. A winning culture and expectation that is contagious.

Kylie Shottenkirk, Softball
I chose Concordia because it is a really great community with an amazing campus! It is also really close to home.

Dylan Smith, Football
I chose Concordia because the coaches got to know me on a personal level and they made it feel like home and a family environment.

Katelyn Smith, Women’s Soccer
I chose to attend Concordia because I want to grow in my faith while playing the sport I love. I felt at home at CUNE when I toured the campus my junior year of high school.

Reece Snodgrass, Women’s Basketball
I love the atmosphere and how God is the center of not just academics but athletics as well. The coaches were awesome and made me feel like I was important.

Jaiden Tweton, Cross Country/Track & Field
The culture and people there made me feel like home.

Alexis Urban, Cheer
I chose Concordia because it felt the right decision that God was leading me to. I also chose it because I would like to be a Director of Christian Education, and I am blessed with the opportunity to continue cheerleading.

Mozes Valenzuela Smith, Wrestling
The education department and wrestling program really made the difference in choosing Concordia. I want to be a special education teacher and the one-on-one time with the department head really helped me envision my success here in Seward.

Koryn Vangilder, Women’s Basketball
I chose Concordia because of the team values which are as follows: God, family, school, basketball and everything else. I also chose Concordia because of the family that is built throughout not only the basketball program, but the whole campus – which is amazing!

Faith Williamson, Cross Country/Track & Field
I was influenced by Riley Sibbel who graduated from my school in 2016. She was always looking out for me throughout my years at Saint Mary's. I liked the facilities Concordia had to offer me. I also liked the small, friendly community.

Ashlyn Wischmeier, Volleyball
Family atmosphere and rising culture.