Life is better in community! Concordia's Peer2Peer program is an opportunity to connect with other students in a one-on-one setting or a community group. If you find yourself looking for connection, struggling with different aspects of college life, or wanting to discuss important topics relevant to life’s joys and challenges, join us! 

Peer2Peer Community Groups

  • These are student-led conversation groups centered around topics that matter such as: anxiety and coping with stress, social media, grief and loss, injury, the value of diversity, social skills, addiction recovery support, transitions, being a student athlete, trauma and resilience, and more! 
  • Groups meet weekly or bi-weekly, are open to any student, and confidentiality within the groups is maintained.
  • Groups are peer-led with minimal faculty or staff involvement. While a CUNE staff advisor is present, this is not a therapy group. Formal documentation is not kept.
  • Share your thoughts or just come and listen!

Peer2Peer 1 on 1 Matches

  • Get matched with another Concordia student trained to simply listen and walk with you through the ups and downs of life! 
  • Matches are confidential and common topics for conversation often include roommate or friend issues, academic struggles, everyday stress, homesickness, family concerns, or anything really! 
  • While confidentiality is a key part of the Peer2Peer program, Peer2Peer matches do not replace counseling services. Referrals can be made to those services if desired.
  • 1:1 meetups between a student and a peer minister are up to an hour per week in length at a place they decide on together.
  • The matching process is quick and easy!

How Do I Get Connected? 

If you are interested in being matched with one of our Peer Ministers or joining a Community Group, please complete the quick form below. 

  • For 1:1 matches, Rebekah Freed will follow up to set up a brief conversation that helps her find you the best match possible! 
  • For Community Groups, Kathleen von Kampen or one of the Peer2Peer group leaders will follow up with information about the group’s meeting time and place. 

Get Connected!


Want To Start Your Own Group? 

Peer2Peer Community Groups are designed to be centered around what matters most to students. If you have an interest in starting a group around a topic that is important to you, contact or use the form above. We’ll get you going!

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Kathleen von Kampen

Director of Counseling

Student Affairs; Wellness Center
402-643-7398 Janzow Campus Center 202A
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Rebekah Freed

Director of Student Development

Student Affairs
402-643-7405 Janzow Campus Center 203