May 28 Campus Update

Published by Concordia University, Nebraska 7 months ago on Thu, May 28, 2020 3:20 PM


Academic Calendar

Today, we are announcing a modification to the fall semester’s academic calendar. Classes will start on campus on Aug. 10, two weeks earlier than scheduled, and will conclude Nov. 24, before Thanksgiving. With this change, students will not be required to return to campus after Thanksgiving until the spring semester. To accommodate this earlier timeline and to maximize instruction time, we will forgo our traditional one-day fall break.

The Student Life Office, in collaboration with the Reopening Task Force, is making plans for a modified LAUNCH and move-in process. We will provide updates as these plans are developed.

Dr. Preuss will be working with the faculty to adjust course plans as needed due to this calendar change. Please make plans in your area to accommodate this change and relay any necessary adjustments to your plans to your supervisor.

Nebraska Directed Health Measure Updates

As you may have seen, Nebraska is relaxing health measures across most of the state next week. The Reopening Task Force and your cabinet are reviewing these closely as they relate to the university’s continuing response to the COVID-19 pandemic. At this time, we do not have any changes to our current operations. Campus will remain closed to the public, all events through June 30 have been canceled and face-to-face meetings where physical distancing cannot be exercised are prohibited.

Reopening Task Force

The Reopening Task Force is continuing to evaluate how to maintain safe operations this fall when our students return to campus on Aug. 10. They are finalizing the initial draft of their plan and will share it with your cabinet by June 15. While the details of the plan are still being coordinated, we should anticipate campus operations to be different this fall in an effort to increase the safety of our campus and the Seward community.

Facemask Donations Sought

As we aim to provide a safe and caring environment for our 1,200+ students, our partners in ministry and our community, we anticipate facemasks will be part of our everyday lives. We are asking our alumni, parents, friends, congregations and others to help us ensure we have enough masks for everyone on campus, as well as visiting guests. Our goal is to have 2,000 masks donated, which will go a long way to create a caring environment for our campus community.

If you’d like to sew facemasks to donate to campus, please follow the CDC mask guidelines. Donated masks can be dropped off at the Student Life Office.