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Professor of English

Department of English, Communication and Theatre Arts

Dr. Laurie Zum Hofe is the department chair for the English, Communication and Theatre Arts Department at Concordia University, Nebraska. She teaches English and other communication and theatre arts classes and serves and participates in a group of Concordia University System faculty, staff and students called the “Concordia Diversity Summit” which works support students of color.

Before teaching at Concordia Nebraska, Dr. Zum Hofe earned a B.S.Ed. in English from Concordia University, Nebraska, an M.A. in Writing Theory and Pedagogy from DePaul University and a Ph.D. in Rhetoric and Composition from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She taught elementary grades in Minnesota, middle school in Illinois and as an adjunct professor in Nebraska.

Dr. Zum Hofe recently published an essay, Articulating the Blur, in What Teaching Means: Stories of America’s Classrooms, as well as a children’s book written with professor of art, Seth Boggs, titled "…On a Tilt!." The second in the series, "On a Wire!," is forthcoming.


Dr. Laurie Zum Hofe's Academic Programs

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    Applied Communication

    Applied communication is one of the most versatile majors available. A degree in applied communication can prepare you for a traditional career path as a communication specialist in small businesses, government offices and non-profit organizations. With the bachelor’s degree in applied communication, you can also find work in journalism, marketing, education, entertainment or any number of other career fields.

    Applied Communication

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    Concordia’s English major promotes careful reading, encourages critical thinking and models Christian scholarship and thoughtful discussion processes. Ideally, our students will develop a desire to read more and appreciate the role of literature in exploring themselves, the human condition, and Christ’s response to humanity and to our students in particular. 


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    Journalism and Public Relations

    In Concordia University, Nebraska’s journalism and public relations program, we will help you develop your thinking, writing and speaking skills so you are able to size up situations, determine what’s happening and report information accurately, quickly, honestly and responsibly.

    Journalism and Public Relations