Crest of Christ Award

The Crest of Christ Award shall be awarded to members of the Lutheran church for outstanding service to the Church. The focus of this award shall be those individuals who support and sustain in quiet and deliberate fashion the public ministries and work of the Church at large.

Dr. Elry Plinio Orozco Aguirre and Deaconess Liz Jauregui Cisneros

Cuidad de Guatemala, Guatemala

Dr. Elry Plinio Orozco Aguirre received his medical degree in medicine and general surgery from the University of San Carlos of Guatemala in 1986. In 1990, he received a diploma in population and community development from the University of the Valley of Guatemala and in 1995 received a diploma in pediatrics from the University of San Carlos of Guatemala. He received a diploma in Christian leadership in 1998 from the Haggai Institute in Guatemala City. Elry is in his third year at Concordia Seminary in St. Louis, Missouri, working on his Master of Arts degree. 

Elry has been a clinical physician at a private clinic in Guatemala City, as well as serving as a Medical Missionary in the Central American Mission in Barillas, Huehuetenango, Guatemala. He has also served as a physician at the Casa Hogar for Alcoholics, a clinical physician at the Israel Clinic and the director of ministry at Servant’s Heart, all located in Guatemala City. Elry is a member of the Association of Physicians and Surgeons of Guatemala and the Association of General Physicians and Surgeons of Guatemala. 

In addition to serving as a physician, Elry has been a professor at Mariano Gálvez University’s School of Medicine, School of Nursing and School of Psychology, teaching courses in physiology, anatomy and ethics. He has also taught high school classes in sciences, letters and anatomy and physiology at Guillermo Putzeyz Álvarez Preparatory School.

He currently serves at the associate pastor of Mighty Fortress Evangelical Church and is the physician in charge of ministry at Holy Cross Lutheran Church in El Salitre, Amatitlan, Guatemala. Elry is also the physician in charge of aid for the United Nations High Commission of Refugees in Guatemala City.

Deaconess Liz Jauregui Cisneros received a degree in marketing and publicity in 1982 from the Center of Marketing Studies in Guatemala City, Guatemala. In 1990, she received her pharmacist assistant degree from San Carlos University of Guatemala. 

Liz was a medical assistant and pharmacy manager at Liga de Vida Nueva, a Christian education center, in Villa Nueva, Guatemala. She is currently the pharmacy manager and social work manager at Holy Cross Lutheran Church in El Salitre, Amatitlan, Guatemala. Liz is also the deaconess of Mighty Fortress Lutheran Church in Guatemala City. 

Elry and Liz both represent the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Guatemala on the governmental commission against HIV/AIDS, and they are both medical assistants responsible for humanitarian aid for persons affected by volcanic eruption. 

The couple live in Guatemala City, Guatemala and have two adult children, Plinio Andrés Orozco Jauregui and Elry Samuel Orozco Jauregui.