Policy Against Sexual Misconduct

Concordia prohibits and will not tolerate sexual misconduct of any type. Sexual misconduct includes, but is not limited to: sexual harassment, non-consensual sexual intercourse, non-consensual sexual contact, sexual exploitation, stalking, dating and domestic violence, as defined below.  Concordia will investigate all incidents of sexual misconduct of which it becomes aware, regardless of whether a complaint is filed.

This policy applies to conduct that occurs on University premises or other property owned or controlled by the University, at University sponsored activities, and off-campus conduct that adversely affects the University Community and/or the pursuit of its objectives, and/or if the conduct negatively affects a students’ school experience or employee’s work experience. Each student shall be responsible for his/her conduct from the time of matriculation through the actual awarding of a degree, even though misconduct may occur before classes begin or after classes end, as well as during the academic year and during periods between terms of actual enrollment (and even if their misconduct is not discovered until after a degree is awarded).