Students lead Commission on Racial and Ethnic Diversity

Published by Logan Tuttle 5 months ago on Tue, Mar 23, 2021 9:03 AM

In the Fall of 2020, Concordia created a Commission on Racial and Ethnic Diversity, that is tasked to research, identify, create awareness and mitigate racism in all of its forms within the Concordia campus community, while increasing the cultural competency of Concordia’s students, faculty and staff.

After the commission began to meet, the group identified a need to form a student commission and nominated eight students to begin the process. By the Spring 2021 semester, the student commission added four members, and with 12-member student commission, was approved by the student senate as an official campus club.

“It was important to start this because there was a need to further focus and enhance Concordia’s action and attention regarding racial and ethnic diversity,” Adrianna Sims, a junior from Malcolm, Nebraska, the group’s vice president, said. “With the racial and ethnic tension that exists in our country, we wanted to provide students an opportunity to express their feelings and enhance and maintain an appreciation for diversity amongst the student body.”

The newly-formed student commission’s goals are to increase the cultural competency of Concordia’s student body, faculty and staff by providing activities and learning opportunities, Sims said as a way to help the Concordia community excel as Christians in valuing and understanding people of various races, cultures and ethnicities “just as our Lord God does.”

“Our main goal is to further enhance and maintain an appreciation for diversity amongst the student body in a Christ-like manner,” Sims said.

Currently, the student commission is conducting student focus groups to gather input on which activities students would be most likely to attend and respond to, Sims said.

“We value the input of the entire student body regarding racial and ethnic diversity and want to know what future events the students want to see on campus that celebrate racial and ethnic diversity.”

Students interested in participating in the commission can learn more at