A Caring Campus

With safety as our priority, new protocols will be implemented throughout all of Concordia’s facilities to help limit the spread of illness across campus as much as possible. By increasing sanitization protocols, following physical distancing measures and limiting building capacities, you can be assured to feel as safe and healthy as possible, no matter where you are on campus.

On-Campus Signage

In each of our buildings, you’ll see signage that directs traffic flow, and also floor signage to help you follow physical distancing. Please pay special attention to this signage as it will help ensure proper distancing takes place across campus. Should your building need additional signage, please contact the Copy Center to order.

Cleaning and Disinfecting Protocols for all Campus Buildings

Buildings and grounds have implemented a more rigorous cleaning and disinfecting regimen for all areas on campus, especially high-touch and high-traffic areas, in accordance with CDC guidelines.

Office Spaces

In addition to increased cleaning by Buildings and Grounds, partners in ministry will be asked to disinfect office spaces each day. Cleaning supplies will be available in each building. You are welcome to clean your office areas as often as you'd like.

Where can employees find cleaning supplies for their offices? 
Buildings & Grounds has supplied disinfectants in each office area complete with a laminated sheet on how to use the supplies. Each evening, the janitorial crew will inspect the supplies and provide new towels and refill liquids as needed. If you’re unable to locate the supplies, contact your building manager. 

Residence Halls

The residence halls are where our students live, eat, study and congregate. These areas will require a concerted effort from students, RAs and housing staff to maximize the safety and health of all who reside.

All protocols that apply throughout campus also apply in the residence halls, including face coverings when physical distancing cannot be maintained, use hand sanitizer stations when entering the building and follow all posted traffic flows.

Residence halls are closed to non-student visitors. Buildings are controlled with key card access, only residents of each building will be able to enter their buildings. Fellow student guests are allowed entry when hosted by a current resident. RAs will coordinate extra cleaning schedules with their residents to ensure all high-touch areas receive multiple cleaning and disinfecting throughout the day. The maximum number of people in one room at one time is limited to four.

Dining Services

Through our food services partner Chartwells, multiple enhancements are being made to the various dining options on campus:

  • All food stations will be staffed and served directly. The grill stations will have served entrees to reduce lines.
  • Where possible, individual food items will be served in packaged containers.
  • All dining staff are trained on face-covering protocols, enhanced hand washing, frequent sanitization, glove management and surface disinfecting.
  • Hand sanitizers will be available at the entrance and exit, as well as every table.
  • The dining room and Dog House Grill will have tables spaced out more and smaller total capacity. Meals will be available for take-out, orders can be submitted over the phone or via text.
  • Face coverings are required at all times with the exception of food consumption while seated at your table.
  • Entrances and exits will be clearly marked.

Student Activities and Groups

All group meetings must follow the current directed health measures, including face coverings, physical distancing and event space capacities. As possible, all activities should provide remote participation. At this time, all campus groups should coordinate meetings, activities and locations with the Student Life Office.

Athletic Events

All students, employees, officials and fans in all athletic facilities are to follow the campus requirements for physical distancing, face coverings, traffic flows, daily self-screening and capacity limits. This includes, but is not limited to, weight rooms, practice facilities, locker rooms, training rooms and equipment rooms.

For student-athletes, the NAIA has outlined specific requirements related to participation that includes start dates by sports, COVID-19 screening and testing requirements, specific protocols for athletic training and more. Student-athletes are required to review this before participating this fall. For every practice, pre-screenings and daily attendance will be required.

Fan Attendance at Sporting Events

All fans, prior to arriving on campus, must self-screen for COVID-19 symptoms.

We’re privileged to have loyal, passionate fans who regularly support our student-athletes. To keep everyone safe, including our athletes, officials and our fans, you can expect the following modifications to the in-person fan experience:

  • For football (including Seward High School) and soccer events this fall at Bulldog Stadium, home-team fans must enter the south stadium admission gate. The exit will be the north admission gates. Visiting fans should use the west admission gate and exit through the south gates.
  • For volleyball in the Walz Arena, all fans (except Concordia students) will enter the north doors and proceed through admission. Concordia students coming to cheer on the volleyball team should use the south doors. Exit the arena and building the way you entered.
  • All areas will have hand sanitization areas located throughout the venue.
  • All fans must wear face coverings while in attendance.
  • To ensure proper physical distancing, bleachers will include markings indicating proper separation.
  • The capacity of the venues will be strictly enforced based on current Directed Health Measures. Once capacity is reached, no further fans will be allowed to enter the facility. Many home competitions will be live-streamed on the Concordia Sports Network (see individual sport schedules for availability).
  • Event capacity and additional instructions as necessary will be posted by the Sports Information office at the start of each week on the athletics website.
  • Concessions will be available and must be consumed while seated. Workers in concessions will wear face coverings and gloves at all times and will follow enhanced food service protocols. Eating and drinking items purchased from the concession stand will be the only time face coverings are permitted to be removed. 

For more information on fan attendance and protocols, visit our information for fans page

Bulldog Athletics Association Events

Specific details about these events, including availability and any modifications to the events will be communicated by the Sports Information office.

Visitor Check-In

At this time, the Concordia campus is closed to the public. Only invited visitors, such as registered prospective students and their families, are allowed on campus. All invited visitors must check-in with their host upon arrival to campus, before entry into the building.

All visitors, prior to arriving on campus, must self-screen for COVID-19 symptoms. Upon arrival to campus, you will be required to sign-in at the main entrance to the building you are visiting. The sign-in process ensures you are informed of pertinent COVID-19 information and may provide information for contact tracing in case of campus exposure.

What happens with the sign-in sheets from the visitor stations? 
The visitor sign-in sheets are necessary to track all who come to campus. In the event contact tracing is required, the sign-in sheets will be used to notify close contacts. Therefore, all building managers are to keep filled out sheets in a secure place in their office until notified they are safe to discard. 

Chapel and Worship

As a community of Christians, chapel is an integral part of our community worship. To maintain the safety of all, chapel in the fall will have the following modifications:

  • Chapel attendees will need to register to attend services. This is being done to maintain the appropriate capacity levels necessary per the Directed Health Measures. Face coverings will be required to be worn at all times. 
  • Students will need to take their backpacks with them into service. The entrance will be through the main doors and exit will be the north and south doors at the front.
  • For services with communion, Pastor Matthias, masked and gloved, will present the sacrament upon exit. Individual cups will serve the blood of Jesus. To ensure additional opportunities for all to receive the sacrament, a second communion-only opportunity will be available each Wednesday from 3 - 5 p.m.

Opening Service

This year’s annual opening service will be virtual so that all can participate. The livestream will be on Concordia's Facebook page.

A Caring Community
Resources for Students, Faculty and Staff

Concordia promises students, faculty and staff a supportive, grace-filled community of caring peers, mentors and leadership. Guidelines and resources are available to help us mitigate the spread of illness on campus so we can work and learn as safely as possible.

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A Caring Classroom
Resources for Your Academic Experience

Our goal has always been to provide small class sizes to help our students receive the personal attention needed to succeed. The academic experience in Fall 2020 will look different for each of us, but our focus on your safety without sacrificing your academic experience will not waver.

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