Tuesday 09 November '21
Event for scribble-scrap trace, pressure point: a drawing exhibition

scribble-scrap trace, pressure point: a drawing exhibition

Marxhausen Gallery of Art

In a world that dismisses images with a swipe of a finger and politicians post policy changes on Twitter, how can drawing matter? In contrast to our contemporary market-driven system and corporate-sponsored culture, the nature of a drawing opens less towards achievement and more often towards failure. In addition, terms such as measure, mark, trace, gesture, diagram, or depiction fall short of circumscribing the potential of drawing. Drawing is on-the-job training,  marked by trial and error. Visually humble, drawings often reflect a vulnerability that is masked in the traditional practices of painting and sculpture or photography and ceramics. In fact, the activity of some drawing parallels absent-minded actions carried out when bored or preoccupied, such as mastering one’s autograph or doodling while on the phone. In this way, drawing is a celebration of human involvement that is related to the eye and hand; drawing reconnects seeing to thinking and body to world. 

scribble–scrap trace features a wide range of media, drawing approaches, and visual styles that were selected from Concordia’s permanent holdings and friends of the campus community. This eclectic exhibition seeks to expand long-held assumptions about the nature of drawing while providing concrete examples of its breadth and capacity for personal expression. 


  • Performance