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Graduate Retention and Graduation Rates


Concordia Promises Panels

A collection of artwork developed by four Concordia students which embody each of the university’s Promises of a Lutheran Education.

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Student Body Diversity

Equity in Athletics-Intercollegiate Athletic Program Participation Rates and Financial Support

Undergraduate Retention and Graduation Rates

Annual Campus Security and Fire Safety Report


Concordia's College Navigator Listing

The College Navigator is a free consumer information tool designed to help students, parents, high school counselors, and others search for and obtain information about U.S. postsecondary institutions.

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Net Price Calculator

With our Net Price Calculator, you can calculate your estimated costs to attend Concordia and see for yourself how a private, Christ-centered education can be within reach.

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Private Loans

Private loans are credit-based loans from private lenders available to assist families with educational expenses. Interest rates, fees, and loan terms will vary depending on the lender chosen and private loans will most likely be more expensive than federal loans. Consider private loans, after all other federal and institutional aid opportunities are exhausted.


Disability Support Services

Concordia University, in accordance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, does not discriminate in the recruitment, admission, or treatment of students. Students with documented disabilities are legally entitled to request modifications, accommodations, or auxiliary aids that will enable them to participate in and benefit from all postsecondary programs and activities.

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Health Center

The health center is dedicated to providing basic, high quality, holistic health care that is easily accessible and responsive to your health needs. At the health center, we are here to help you recover from illness, but we also want to go beyond that by helping students learn how to prevent health-related problems and to achieve optimal wellness.

Concordia's health center


Career Services

Concordia's Career Services Office is your first stop for all things career-related. Here, you can find career counseling and career exploration using quality assessment tools and resources to help you discover and live out your vocations.


Policy for the Return of Financial Aid Received Through Title IV Funds

Federal regulations require each educational institution of higher learning to have a written policy for the refund and repayment of aid received by students who withdraw from all classes during a term for which aid has been received. These policies are effective only if the student completely terminates enrollment (for example, the student voluntarily withdraws from all courses or is dismissed from all classes).

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Clubs and Intramurals

Clubs and intramurals are a great way to help develop your character and the skills that will benefit you in school, your career and in life. Learn new skills, make new friends and share your passions with others!

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Fulfill God's Call to Serve the Church

At Concordia, we equip students to serve as the hands and feet of Christ and be His witnesses through our church work programs. Whether you want to be a Lutheran educator or Director of Christian Education or a pastor, deaconess or parish musician, you’ll be prepared to share the love of Jesus around the world.

Serving Christ's Church


Campus Virtual Tour

Before you visit our campus in person, we invite you to take a virtual tour and get to know some of the buildings you’ll be frequenting.

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Centrally Located in America’s Heartland

Our hometown is Seward, a friendly community of 7,200 people that’s surrounded by beautiful scenery, farmland and wide-open spaces in southeast Nebraska. If you’re looking for a close-knit, small town atmosphere, you’ll feel right at home in Seward.

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A Distinctive Lutheran Education

At Concordia, we promise to equip you with a higher education that intersects learning opportunities, individual development and faith in Christ, in order to bring depth and meaning to your college experience. Our Promises of a Lutheran Education ensure that you will graduate not only with a set of skills and a degree, but also a sense of Christian vocation and purpose for the future.

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Get To Know Us Better

We believe the best way to get the Concordia experience is to visit our supportive and fun campus. We'd love to design a personalized in-person or virtual visit for you and your family, where you can meet with professors, potential coaches, current students and the financial aid office. You’ll be able to get to know some of the people who make our campus special and get the information you'll need to make the best decision for you and your family.

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Lutheran Guarantee

We’re committed to ensuring our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ have the opportunity to receive a Lutheran, Christ-centered education. Through our Lutheran Guarantee, undergraduate students can earn at least $20,000/year in institutional aid, and graduate students will qualify for a special $340/per credit hour rate.

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Loan Information

After your scholarships, grants and other forms of aid are factored in, you may find that you need to borrow money from a lender to make up the rest of the cost of your college tuition. Federal student loans and carefully considered private loans are both great options to cover the investment in your future.

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Financial Aid For All

Each and every one of our full-time undergraduate students receives financial aid. The cost to attend Concordia is similar to what you would pay at a large public university in the Midwest.

A private education within reach


Academic and Performance Scholarships Available

There are a number of scholarships available for you at Concordia. Whether you’re participating in one of our performance areas, on one of the 22 athletic teams or for your academic achievements and faith background.

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Hear from Concordia's students

Meet some of our students and learn about their experiences as part of our Christ-centered, supportive community with values.

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Experience the momentum

You’re a child of God with unique talents which should be utilized and celebrated. Within our Christ-centered campus, coaches and teammates form an undeniable community that supports, shapes and celebrates your journey to success in competitions, in the classroom and throughout your life.

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Heighten Your Creativity

Share your God-given talents with the world by participating in art, music or theatre at Concordia. Here, you will find a vibrant community that promotes the development of your art and using your creative expression to inspire and encourage others.

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Student Success Is Our Priority

Your success at Concordia is not just defined by your GPA, but how you’re equipped to make an impact in your career and throughout your life. We’re committed to providing you the academic and spiritual tools you’ll need to be successful in all facets of your life.

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Concordia University, Nebraska is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, a regional accreditation agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.


Career Outcomes

Students who graduate from Concordia University, Nebraska have a distinct advantage when pursuing their career choices. By grounding our curriculum in the Lutheran tradition, Concordia can offer you an education grounded in rigorous academic excellence, but also rich in faith and life experiences, making our graduates uniquely suited to pursue a higher purpose in all their vocations in life, including their career.


Transfer to Concordia

If you’ve taken classes at another college or university and want to transfer those credits to Concordia University, Nebraska, you’re in good company. In just the last five years, we've transferred nearly 30,000 credits from more than 150 colleges and universities. We'll help you find the plan that helps you pursue your passions while making the most of the credits you’ve already earned.

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Student Life at Concordia

With the majority of Concordia's students living on campus, there is always something going on both during the week and on the weekends. Many of our students come from out of state, meaning they stick around during the weekends. The Student Activities Council regularly schedules fun activities and events like concerts, comedic performances, dances and much more.

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Expand Your Mind

Concordia Nebraska can provide you with the excellent, rigorous academic foundation you need to be successful no matter where your interest lies. With more than 100 undergraduate, graduate and professional academic programs to choose from, you’ll have the opportunity to study at the highest level, discover your passions and apply your knowledge in ways that will change the world.

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A Private Education With Value(s)

You’ll find a more meaningful college experience at Concordia, where you’ll be part of a supportive campus community as you study your passions and prepare to make a positive impact in the world. Through generous scholarships and financial aid packages, your tuition at Concordia will be similar to what you will find at a large public university.

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