Elevate your Performance at Concordia Univeristy, Nebraska

The Arts at Concordia

Art at Concordia
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Whether you’re interested in painting, drawing, graphic design, photography or other art mediums, Concordia University, Nebraska has exactly what you need to develop and refine your creative and artistic talents.

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Heighten Your Creativity

Our award-winning art faculty will help you find your niche, interpret your vision and design your future as an artist.

Art at Concordia
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At Concordia, you can sing in a chorus, play an instrument in an ensemble, conduct performances and compose music, all as part of a thriving, close-knit, creative community.

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Elevate Your Performance

Showcase your individual talent and collaborate with internationally recognized faculty, gifted peers and skilled alumni.

Speech at Concordia
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Competing in speech and debate can build your confidence, teach you to think critically about real problems in the world and increase your ability to communicate easily and effectively.

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Discover Your Potential

Gain leadership skills, voice your ideas and become a shaper of the future with Concordia Speech.

Theatre at Concordia
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Join a collaborative community of artists and scholars, and study a wide variety of theatrical fields. With the theatre arts at Concordia, you can direct and write plays, build and manage sets, create costumes and bring characters to life on stage.

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Ignite Your Possibilities

Cultivate your creativity, develop professionally and personally and take center stage with high-quality productions that will leave your fans on the edge of their seats.

My experience with the art department has shown me a strong intersection with my faith, life and learning.
Leah Eklof