An Uncommon Gift

Life insurance. An investment now to make a big impact later.

Most people invest in life insurance to provide financial security for their family. Gifting their life insurance policy to Concordia, Marjorie (Luhman) Kertz ’70 and her husband David are now providing financial security for future Concordia students.

“My husband and I chose Concordia with our gift to support the continued ministry of spreading the Gospel of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ,” says Marjorie. “A life insurance policy provides an avenue to leverage our gift. We do not know what the future holds as to our prosperity, so we wanted to ensure that we were able to maximize our gift and ensure that our gift would be made.”

Marjorie, a Lutheran and public elementary school teacher for 38 years, and David, a lifelong businessman, have witnessed firsthand the positive impact of Lutheran, Christ-centered education.

"Each student is like a mustard seed, ready to grow in faith. A significant portion of education in school settings today excludes Christianity. We want to support a school that has Christianity at the heart of its focus."

Marjorie’s passion for supporting Concordia’s mission reflects her experiences as a student and as an alumnae serving and leading in the church and world since graduating.

“Concordia was a major influence in better preparing me for life in our world today—in my career, my marriage and my day-to-day walk [with Jesus],” she says. “We encourage others who have a heart for Concordia and its mission to pursue dedicating financial help through the use of a life insurance policy or another vehicle of their choosing.”

Will you Answer the Call, as Marjorie and David did, to directly impact students with the gift of a Christ-centered, Lutheran education? Make your gift today.

Will You Answer the Call?

God has called Concordia to be a leader in Lutheran, Christian higher education in this country, and you are an essential key to making that possible. Help us respond to our ever-changing world in ways that remain faithful to the never-changing Word of God.