Sharing a Legacy of Love

As a Concordia University, Nebraska alumna and a Lutheran school teacher for 35 years, Isabel (Jones) Stuewe ’62 has experienced firsthand the light in the eyes of children who are learning about Jesus—and she continues to hear from former students whose lives she has touched.

Her financial gifts to Concordia ensure other students—in any line of work—can create that same kind of impact. Isabel credits her career as a teacher to the generosity of donors who made her Concordia experience possible, and she is committed to paying that generosity forward.

“I needed help with scholarships—any help I could get,” said Isabel. “The legacy I would like to leave is that I have helped a student, as many as possible, to continue their work for the Lord.”

Making a gift to the Concordia Fund ensures that students can aord the Christ-centered, academically excellent higher education that Concordia provides—one that equips them to lead and serve in the church and world.

"It’s hard to describe my feelings when I see gifts in action. It makes me feel in my heart that I’ve done the right thing and that this is what God wants me to do. This is what is very important. It makes me feel wonderful."

Will you Answer the Call, as Isabel did, to equip students for lives of learning, service and leadership in the church and world? Make your gift today.

Will You Answer the Call?

God has called Concordia to be a leader in Lutheran, Christian higher education in this country, and you are an essential key to making that possible. Help us respond to our ever-changing world in ways that remain faithful to the never-changing Word of God.