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NEW! Concordia University, Nebraska is now offering online options for high school students looking to earn college credit! These asynchronous, 16-week courses give you maximum flexibility for your schedule and location and provide authentic access to higher education content and rigor—all at a fraction of the traditional undergraduate cost! Explore this page for current options, and we will be adding courses to the online catalog each semester. We are honored to provide this educational opportunity to equip students for lives of learning, service, and leadership.

Dual Credit Online Courses

BUS 121
Financial Accounting
An introduction to the theory, language, and practice of accounting. Major components of the primary financial statements are examined. Emphasis on the uses of financial information.
CS 131
Computer Programming I
The development of skill in translating problems into algorithms and implementing these algorithms into a high- level programming language. An emphasis will be placed on good programming style including structured programming techniques. An overview of the organization and operation of a computer system will be given.
HHP 275
Introduction to Public Health
This course is designed to introduce the basic elements of public health including identifying and addressing population health challenges, determinants of health, and an overview of the health system. Additionally, this course will provide a history of public health, an overview of the core disciplines, and current events and issues in the field.
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Priority Registration deadline for Spring 2022 is Wednesday, 12/15/21, at 11:30p.

Final registration closes Wednesday, 1/5/22, at 11:30p. ($10/credit additional fee.)

Spring 2022 courses begin on Monday, January 10th!

Juniors and seniors in high school with a 3.0 GPA or higher are eligible to apply.

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