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These posts are written by college students for students, whether you're in college now or planning the next step of your academic journey. You'll find some helpful tips, information about what it's like to be a college student that you won't get from a collegiate website and other ideas to help you in your process.

Photo of Jonah
by Jonah on Nov 5, 2021
The origin story of Concordia's swing dance club.
Photo of Gwen
by Gwen on Oct 29, 2021
The leaves are changing and so are we.
Photo of Brooke
by Brooke on Oct 22, 2021
Sometimes, life is hard for big reasons. But sometimes, life is hard for lots of tiny, dumb reasons.
Photo of Katelyn
by Katelyn on Oct 14, 2021
Real experiences with real tips to help you get through it.
Photo of Jonah
by Jonah on Oct 8, 2021
Tips for dealing with the inevitable busyness of college.
Photo of Haleigh
by Haleigh on Oct 1, 2021
We have made it through six weeks of the semester. It's about time for some cake.
Photo of Josie
by Josie on Sep 24, 2021
Things I didn’t know about college: there’s a lot of “free time”, you’ll learn who you want to be, college students love their coffee, and college credits are no joke.
Photo of Brooke
by Brooke on Sep 13, 2021
A little somethin' somethin' from the archives.
Photo of Josie
by Josie on Aug 13, 2021
You gotta learn to work with what you have (which is not a lot).
Photo of Brooke
by Brooke on Aug 6, 2021
A cautionary tale.