Transfer Credit Guidelines

Concordia will ordinarily accept courses from regionally accredited two-year colleges and from regionally accredited four-year colleges and universities in which a grade of C- or better has been earned. Under no circumstances will a student be allowed to apply more than 70 semester hours of credit from a two-year college toward completion of a four-year program of studies.

Students who seek a baccalaureate degree must take a minimum of 30 semester hours in residence, at least 15 of which must be in their major and 12 out of the 15 hours must be at the 300-400 level.

Students seeking a baccalaureate degree must complete at least half of the coursework in their major at a four-year institution in courses designated by that institution as "upper-level" or the equivalent of required courses on this campus.

Students who wish to obtain their baccalaureate degree from Concordia but opt to complete their program on another campus must receive prior approval of all courses to be considered as part of their program for meeting Concordia graduation requirements.

All students who have completed an Associate of Arts degree will have the general education requirements waived, with the exception of religion and theology requirements.

College Level Advanced Placement (CLEP), Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) are considered for equivalent transfer credit. Official scores must be received.

Repeated courses from other institutions are not counted for credit more than once. Exceptions include courses that are normally repeated at Concordia, such as applied music courses.

In order to record transfer credit an official transcript must be received from the originating institution. Faxed transcripts, student copies or photocopies are not considered official.

Intercollegiate athletic credit is not considered for transfer credit.

Courses taken for pass/fail are generally counted as elective rather than specific course credit.

Applicants with coursework from international colleges or universities must have an official transcript evaluation through World Education Services (WES), Foundations for International Services (FIS), Educational Credential Evaluators (ECE), Office of International Education Services (OIES) or Academic Credentials Evaluation Institute (ACEI).

Developmental, remedial or pre-college courses are not accepted for transfer credit.

Concordia accepts and/or considers military credit for transfer at the undergraduate level with a Joint Services Transcript (JST) and accompanying American Council of Education (ACE) recommendations. Transcripts from the Community College of the Air Force are also accepted.

While the Registrar’s Office is responsible for the evaluation of transfer credit, faculty members may be consulted in the evaluation process. Department chairpersons may have the final determination in the transfer of a course.

Concordia University reserves the right to deny the transfer of any credit.