The Concordia Graduation Commitment

At Concordia, we believe in serving you as an individual, an approach reflected in The Concordia Graduation Commitment. We will work with each student to create an individualized graduation plan that best fits your needs now and in the future.  

Through the Concordia Graduation Commitment, Concordia promises that...

  1. You will be READY TO GRADUATE on a timeline you help set. For most students that's 4 years.
  2. You will be READY FOR THE WORLD. We will help provide you with opportunities to develop real-world skills to succeed in your vocations and most importantly, to serve God and others.
  3. We will REMAIN FAITHFUL to our strong academic standards as a Lutheran Christian university. We'll make sure you can meet all of the requirements for graduation on time and without cutting corners.

In return, Concordia expects that…

  1. You will meet with your academic advisor to outline and follow up with your
    on-time graduation plan at least once each semester.
  2. You will follow your on-time graduation plan by enrolling in all the classes your plan outlines and by participating in all career services activities that are listed.
  3. You'll go to class, study hard, complete all program requirements and pass each class you take with a satisfactory grade as determined by your program.

The bottom line

If you follow your plan but aren't able to graduate on time, we will cover the cost of any additional courses you take or we’ll provide acceptable course substitutions.


Questions and answers about the Concordia Graduation Commitment

“On time” is great, but can I complete my degree in four years?

Yes. In fact, for most of our programs, we consider graduation in four years to be “on time.”

Programs of study at Concordia have guidelines for completion in four years (if they are four-year programs). These guidelines include when you need to declare your major and the number of credit hours that you’ll need to take during each semester (and summer term if applicable).

What does a typical “on-time, four-year graduation plan” look like?

Although your four-year graduation plan will be tailored to your specific goals, for most students the process looks like this:

Right away during your first year at Concordia, you will develop an individualized four-year plan with your first-year advisor and meet with your academic advisor to review and finalize the plan.

For eight consecutive fall/spring semesters (that’s 4 years), you’ll enroll as a full-time student. You’ll also complete any May or summer terms included in your individualized four-year plan. For most programs, May or summer courses are not essential to four-year graduation, but they may give you more flexibility or the opportunity for enhanced educational experiences.

In order to meet our academic requirements for graduation, you’ll need to successfully complete (pass) the required number of hours outlined in your individualized four-year plan. For most students, that’s 16 credits per semester.

You will need to declare a single major before the beginning of your third semester (second year) and continue in your major throughout the subsequent six semesters. A few programs require you to declare your major when you first enroll at Concordia, but this requirement will be clarified with you when meet with your first-year advisor and will be stated in your four-year plan.

To make sure you stay on the right track toward graduation, you'll need to meet with your faculty academic advisor at least once per semester. You'll also meet at least once per year with the advising center.

Since students are allowed to register for classes themselves, we also expect that you’ll register for the classes listed on your plan in a timely manner each semester.

Finally, you'll need to maintain a cumulative grade point average that meets the requirements of your program and allows you to make satisfactory academic progress through your course of study.

So why wouldn't I want to graduate in four years?

While we consider graduation within four years to be “on time” for most programs, Concordia is committed to helping you find the graduation plan and program that’s right for you.

Sometimes, changing your program, taking fewer credit hours in a particular semester or adding a double major, a minor or second teaching area will be the right choice for you and for your future vocation and career.

We will work with you to find the program that will best serve your needs now and in the future. Most importantly, we’ll help you plan your course of study so that you can graduate at the time you help select.

If you choose one of the few programs at Concordia that require more than four years, or if you decide to change your program of study, we will help you plan your course of study in order to graduate “on time” as you help define it.

You may also, of course, be able to graduate in fewer than four years if you come to Concordia with college credit or if you are able to take courses during the summer.   

If I change my program, may I start a new on-time graduation plan?

Yes. We know that some students who come to Concordia will discover new passions and as a result change their program of study. If you change your program, we can create a new on-time graduation plan that will outline the plan of completion that works best for you.

Ultimately our commitment is to help you find the program of study that will help you prepare for the vocation in which you can feel fulfilled, and in which you can serve and lead with success.

How will Concordia help me stay on track to complete my program on time?

Concordia is committed to providing the advising and academic support services to help you succeed.

Although you’re required to meet with your advisor at least once per semester, the doors to our advising center are always open. If you have questions about your plan, answers are just an email, phone call or face-to-face meeting away. Our advisors are passionate about serving their students, and they will help you find ways to stay on track.

Concordia also has an academic resource center, a writing center and an Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) office staffed with people who are dedicated to helping you discover how to study and learn more effectively.

Do I have to develop my on-time graduation plan on my own?

No. In fact, your plan is a partnership between Concordia and you. Your job is to bring your passion and goals, and our job is to help you find a program of study and a plan of completion that helps you get where you want to go on time.

Concordia will connect you with a professional advisor during your first year, and we will help you select a qualified faculty advisor in the following years to assist you in developing your graduation plan, scheduling your classes and keeping you on track to graduate on time.

What happens if I can't graduate “on time” as my plan states?

If you've followed your plan and met all of your requirements, but are still unable to graduate on time, Concordia will provide the courses you need to complete your degree and will cover the cost of tuition for these courses or offer acceptable course substitutions.