Off-campus and study-abroad opportunities

Enrich your learning experience off-campus, even overseas

Many of your most memorable and rewarding experiences at Concordia will happen outside the classroom — in fact, they may very well happen in another country. In keeping with our mission, Concordia offers a wide variety of hands-on opportunities that promote students’ intellectual, emotionally, physical and spiritual growth. We believe the more broad and rich your experiences, the more effective you’ll be as a servant leader. Depending on your major, you could pursue any of the following opportunities:

  • Internships and practicums — Explore potential careers and obtain real-world experience in a professional environment. With the help of the career services office, locate and secure an internship or practicum that matches your goals and interests. You can even student-teach in such places as Hong Kong, Australia, Slovakia and Shanghai or Korea.
  • Research — Contribute to ongoing faculty research on the Concordia campus or at places such as Baylor University’s College of Medicine or the University of Nebraska Medical Center.
  • Study tours and study abroad — Gain a global perspective, see the world and meet people of other cultures through international study tours offered between semesters or during spring break or summer term. You can also apply for semester-long study abroad programs offered in countries around the world. We’ll match you with a program that enriches your academic experience.
  • Service-learning — Volunteer your time and talents through service work in such places as central and Eastern Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America.