International Baccalaureate Equivalencies

International Baccalaureate

Concordia University recognizes the academic rigor of the International Baccalaureate (IB) program and awards transfer credit to incoming students who have completed individual IB courses or the full IB Diploma. Concordia considers both Standard and High Level scores for credit on a course-by-course basis and also guarantees at least 24 but not more than 32 hours of credit to students who complete the IB Diploma program.

The list of specific course substitutions approved in 2006 (link provided below) may be used as a guide to estimate the number and type of credits awarded for individual courses; however, the university may periodically alter this list as either the IB courses or the university’s curriculum undergoes modification.

Your admission counselor will consult with the registrar to determine which courses in the Concordia University catalogue your International Baccalaureate (IB) credits will cover when you apply for admission. Please call the Office of Admission at 800-535-5494 if you have questions.

A tentative list (as of January, 2006) of transfer credits awarded for IB courses is available below:

International Baccalaureate Course Equivalence
Subject AreaExam TypeScore RequiredCUNE equivalenthrs
AnthropologySL5-7GE Soc Sci3
AnthropologyHL5-7GE Soc Sci6
BiologySL5-7Bio 1114
BiologyHL5-7Bio 111 & Bio 2xx8
ChemistryHL5-7Chem 115 & 1168
Computer Science  TBD 
Czech HL5-7Elect x 26
Design Technology  TBD 
EconomicsSL/HL4-7GE Soc Sci5
EnglishSL5-7Eng 1023
EnglishHL5-7Eng 102 & 2016
Environmental ScienceSL/HLElect3
Environmental ScienceSL/HL6-7Elect x 26
Film  TBD 
FrenchHL5-7Elect x 26
GeographySL5-7Geog 1013
Geography HL5-7Geog 101 & Geog elect6
GermanHL5-7Elect x 26
HistorySL5-7 Hist 1313
HistoryHL5-7Hist 115 and 131or1326
Info Tech in Global Society  TBD 
Islamic HistorySL 5-7Hist elect3
Islamic HistoryHL5-7Hist elect x 26
LatinSL5-7Lat 1023
LatinHL5-7Lat 102 & Lat elect6
Math Studies/MethodsSL5-7TBD 
MathematicsHL5-7Math 186 4
Further Mathematics  TBD 
MusicHL13-20Mu 1003
PhilosophySL5-7GE Soc Sci3
PhilosophyHL 5-7GE Soc Sci & elect6
PhysicsSL5-7Phys 1094
PhysicsHL5-7Phys 109 & Phys elect7
PsychologySL5-7Psy 1013
Psychology HL5-7Psy 101 & Psy elect6
RussianHL5-7Elect x 26
SpanishSL5-7Span 2013
SpanishHL5-7Span 201 & 2026
Theatre ArtsSL/HL5-7CTA 1513
Theory of Knowledge PassGS 1012
Visual ArtsSL/HL5-7TBD