Life in Nebraska

Nebraska is near the center of the United States and because of this central location is often referred to as part of the Heartland. Nebraska is also in the Great Plains region of the country, a state with wide-open spaces, small towns, and an abundance of farmland and fields of corn, soybeans and wheat.

Nebraska has two large cities; Omaha with a population of about 800,000, and the state capitol city of Lincoln with a population of about 250,000. Seward, with a population of 6,500 people, is a safe and peaceful small town.

Lincoln is only a 30-minute drive from Seward. As a state capital and a large university city, Lincoln has businesses, fine arts performances, restaurants, and shopping malls so Concordia students often head to Lincoln to take advantage of these opportunities.  

Climate and Clothing

Nebraska has four different seasons with different weather patterns for each.

The warmer temperatures of spring begin in April. Everything begins to turn green and farmers get in their fields and plant crops. Nighttime is still cool but daytime high temperatures can reach the 70’s (F) or the 80s in May.   

During the summer, temperatures are typically in the 80s or 90s and sometimes can reach 100 degrees. Thunderstorms are possible with dark, gray skies, and late afternoon thunder, lightning, and rain. Summer lasts through August and is often hot and humid.

The first signs of fall are seen in September with decreased humidity and cooler nights. In October, leaves turn color on campus and throughout the area, signaling the season change. Early morning temperatures may dip into the freezing range but still reach 60-70 during the day. Sometimes the first snow arrives before November.

Winter is cold and windy. Snowfalls of 5-10 centimeters are common, and heavy snowstorms of 20 -30 centimeters can occur. In the colder months it is necessary to wear warm clothes, including coat, gloves, hat and boots. Since winter clothing is bulky and takes up a large amount of space if traveling by air, these heavier clothing items can be purchased after arriving on campus.


Seward has a number of stores, businesses, and services in the downtown square area. Students are able to get books, gifts, clothing, postage, personal care items, and many other shopping needs taken care of right in Seward. Secondhand stores downtown are popular with students. Visit Blue Valley Community Action Thrift Shop or Et Cetera for household goods or The Second Closet for gently used clothing items. Walmart is a few miles from downtown on Highway 15. Walmart has clothing, household goods, appliances, linens, sporting goods, hardware, automotive, pharmaceuticals, groceries, a photo department and much more.  


Pac N Save grocery store is on the west edge of town. Seward also has a number of restaurant choices – including a bakery, coffee shops, fast food and pizza establishments.


There are a lot of entertainment opportunities in Seward. The Rivoli movie theater and Sparetime Bowling are both located downtown and host special college student events. There are locations where you can rent movies or sit in a coffee shop. The community has a large outdoor swimming pool and a walking/biking trail around the edge of town. A number of community events take place throughout the year and Concordia’s Student Activities Council (SAC) hosts entertainment on campus which includes concerts, comedians, talent shows, and game nights that are free of charge to all students.