English Pathway Program

Concordia University, Nebraska has developed a pathway program to help intermediate English learners admissible to Concordia based on academic evidence, but who haven't met English proficiency standards for full admission. As you enter the university with conditional acceptance, you will receive English language support. You will be enrolled in developmental English classes along with other undergraduate courses.

  • After one semester of study in the pathway program, you will have earned from five to nine credits toward a degree.
  • After two semesters in the pathway program, you will have earned 14 credits toward your degree.

This is a great way to start university courses and receive the English language support you need.

Once you've completed the pathway program, you can begin undergraduate study with 14 credits earned—a full semester of credit!

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English Pathway ProgramProgram Details

Based on your TOEFL score, the English Pathway Program provides two options for academic and English coursework.
If you enter with a score of 58-67, you will take both semesters.

If you enter with a TOEFL score of 58-67:

You will take five academic credits:

  • First Year Experience (FYE 101) 1 credit
  • Fundamentals of Art (ART 101) 3 credits
  • Lifetime Wellness (HHP 100)
    or 2 HHP Activities courses
    1 credit
    0.5 credits each

You will also take nine developmental English credits:

  • Academic Listening & Speaking I 3 credits
  • Academic Writing 3 credits
  • Academic Reading I 3 credits
If you enter with a TOEFL score of 68-77:

You will take nine academic credits:

  • Introduction to Psychology (PSY 101) 3 credits
  • Principles of Macroeconomics (ECON 101) 3 credits
  • Foundations in Writing (ENG 101) 3 credits

You will also take six developmental English credits:

  • Academic Listening & Speaking II 3 credits
  • Academic Reading II 3 credits

English Pathway Program Costs 2018-19

These are the costs for each semester in the English Pathway Program, and the third column shows what you will pay as a full undergraduate when you have finished the English Pathway Program.

Semester 1 (TOEFL 58-67)Semester 2 (TOEFL 68-77)Undergraduate Semester
Academic Program $8,450 $10,875 $15,810
Room $1,785 $1,785 $1,785
Board (21 Meal Plan) $2,450 $2,450 $2,450
Technology Fee $300 $300 $300
Total $12,985 $15,410 $20,345
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