Emerging and Digital Media in Marketing

Published by Concordia University, Nebraska 1 year ago on Wed, Mar 2, 2022 9:11 AM

Some ways brands can use social media is to hold contests and create filters that allow their customers to market for them. In addition, as more media forms emerge, customers make money reviewing products online or gain followers recommending products. Taking advantage of these “influencers” can be a big step in the marketing process. Consumers can recognize these efforts that corporations use for marketing and determine if a review is genuine or merely a marketing ploy. Last, keeping up with emerging media is important for businesses because your target audience will expect you to keep up with emerging media, and the media will help you reach your target market. Social media, for example, can help you identify what types of content your target market likes to consume.  

There are many different forms of emerging media that are not all necessarily primarily marketing based. Virtual Reality, 5G, anti-ad blocking, automated journalism, and smart technology are all currently emerging media forms listed on Wbbitz.com. 5G is a useful media tool for anyone who uses much technology as it allows internet to load faster. As is smart technology which adds internet functions into things like phones, televisions, speakers, and more recently, household appliances like refrigerators. Automated journalism is one of the industry’s most controversial examples of emerging technologies but could be incredibly useful in content marketing. It lends a helping hand to journalists, content creators, and publishers by interpreting and analyzing data to produce content.  

However, digital media is certainly what we think of with emerging media. Much of this emerging digital media can be used for advertising. Emerging trends in social media include live streaming, Instagram stories, and automated bots that can listen and respond to messages on social media. All of these digital media trends should be utilized in digital marketing. Increasing use of AR, or automated information on things detected with a camera, could also be used in marketing. Search engine advertising is continuing to grow as Google uses its programs to detect keywords that consumers are searching for. Digital marketing is one of the most obvious applications for media studies.  

There are many graduate and undergraduate programs that include some studying of emerging media, especially in business and technology. Some colleges even offer this topic as a degree. Classes like information technology and instructional technology at Concordia are closely related to emerging media as well. It is something to continue learning about even once you graduate. In fact, many careers are related to emerging technology including digital media buyers, media relations specialists, social media managers, magazine editors, digital media specialists, content creators, graphic designers, brand manager, and many more. While there are many marketing applications to emerging media, it is important for everyone to understand.  

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