Technical Requirements for Online Courses

The major technical requirements for participating in online courses at Concordia University, Seward, Nebraska are provided below.

  1. A computer with a current operating system that is patched up to the most recent update.
  2. A browser that is patched up to the most recent update.  We would suggest that your computer have more than one browser installed.  We have found that it is sometimes helpful to try something in a different browser when an action does not seem to work well in the browser that is currently being used.
  3. A current version of the Java Runtime Environment (JRE).

Blackboard Requirements

In addition to these requirements, Blackboard has certain requirements related to operating systems, browsers, and Java configurations

Learn More about the Blackboard Requirements

Other Requirements

1.   Internet Connectivity:  A reliable Internet connection from home (or business, if appropriate) via an Internet Service Provider (ISP). 

  • We recommend a broadband connection like DSL or Cable.
  • Firewalls may impede access to Concordia’s online resources from work or from home.  In either case, the firewall must be configured to open the firewall to Concordia’s resources.  If an employer has a firewall, the student may need to request special arrangements from the business’ IT services for the firewall to be opened.
  • Note that having Internet access only at work may not allow enough time to complete required assignments.

2.   Pop-Up Blockers:  Pop-up blockers may need to be turned off.  At times, there may be more than one pop-up blocker installed on a computer.

3.   Additional software that may be required or useful:

Adobe Acrobat Reader  in order to read pdf documents

Note:  Some courses and instructors may have additional requirements. 

If you are having problems logging in to or accessing a course or course resources in Blackboard, contact  Please provide detailed information about the problem and the specific text of any error messages you may have received.