Luke Scholars & Our Promises Connections

The Luke Scholars Program reflects the four Promises of a Lutheran Education in myriad ways.  These include, but are not limited to the benefits listed below.

  • Membership in a community of like-minded scholars
  • Events aimed a created life-long connections
  • A Scholars Library to facilitate collaborate research
  • Interaction with campus leaders
  • Significant connection to faculty
  • Unique Interdisciplinary courses designed to widen academic perspectives
  • Courses, discussions, and activities that explore the Theological and Philosophical foundations of the academic world
  • Speakers who challenge students with new perspectives and ideas
  • A life-changing capstone experience that results in meaningful academic achievements
  • Research funds to promote serious undergraduate research


  • A guided exploration of vocational callings through close mentoring and guidance
  • Work with faculty who model Christian thought
  • Exposure to new ideas which enhance one’s ability to live out their vocational call
  • A deep understanding of what it means to be a “successful person”
  • An intentionally contemplative academic program that compels a student to examine where they are going and where they have been intellectually and spiritually
  • A portfolio which provides a tangible record of past accomplishments and challenges
  • A program that encourages individual contemplation and group reflection
  • An opportunity to gain insight to life’s great questions through a Lutheran Christian worldview