Luke Scholars Frequently Asked Questions

How many students are accepted each year?

The program is designed to be small in order to cultivate community and ensure that each student can maximize his or her potential through close mentoring. Thus, Concordia will welcome 12-20 students each academic year.

I am transferring to Concordia. Can I apply for the program?

We currently only accept applications from students applying to be Freshmen.

What do I get for being a Luke Scholar?

Luke Scholars receive notable tangible benefits, including:

  1. Free Luke Scholars course materials
  2. Access to the Luke Scholars Library in Jesse Hall
  3. Tuition waivers for course overloads
  4. $250 in research funds
  5. Supplemental study travel stipends of $500
  6. Recognition for being a Luke Scholar on your transcripts

The program’s real value, however, comes from the intangibles. Luke Scholars will walk away having been pushed intellectually in ways they did not foresee as possible. Completing the program is a testament to a students’ interest in their own personal growth, their understanding of how they can contribute to the world, and their academic abilities. These attributes will thus prepare Luke Scholars for their future vocations, whatever they may be.

Does the Luke Scholars Program require more work?

Yes. We assume that Luke Scholars take their academics very seriously and look at the program like one would look at a sport or activity. Students will complete 18 hours of coursework within the program (four seminars and six hours of independent study hours). However, many Luke Scholar courses will count for credit in other academic areas.

What does this program do beyond the classroom?

The Luke Scholars program offers intellectual opportunities outside of the classroom through speakers and forums. There also are annual social events that allow scholars to forge deeper community ties with their peers in the program and the greater community.

I am coming to Concordia to participate in Music, Speech or Athletics. Can I still be a Luke Scholar?

That decision is yours. The Luke Scholars program is indeed a commitment and one that requires serious work. The courses are intentionally scheduled to facilitate the participation from students regardless of major or activity. However, it is up to the potential applicant to determine what their priorities and time commitments are.

Am I still welcome in this program if I am not Lutheran?

Absolutely! All of Concordia’s programs and activities are open to students regardless of their religious background. Your personal faith has no bearing to your ability to succeed and benefit from this program. However, as a program within a Lutheran institution, the Luke Scholars program is informed by the Lutheran intellectual world view.

How are Luke Scholar courses different from other courses I might take at Concordia?

While a student in a Luke Scholars course should expect more rigor than in a traditional college course, the reward is that Luke Scholars courses are designed to encourage students think deeply about a subject from the perspective of several disciplines. Finally, each class will consist of approximately 12-15 students, in order to allow meaningful participation from all scholars.

Who teaches Luke Scholars courses?

All courses are taught by full-time members of the faculty who have volunteered to participate in the program out of an interest in students just like you.

Many schools have honors programs. What makes Concordia Nebraska’s any different? There are so many great honors programs to choose from and the Luke Scholars program offers a rigorous experience commensurate with other institutions. However, we also do things a bit differently.  A Luke Scholars at Concordia University sees honor as what they do as opposed to what they are. Luke Scholars should recognize that they have been blessed with particular talents and gifts which should be properly cultivated. Thus, each student’s stewardship of their own intellect sends honor outward.

What if I don’t get in to the program?

Don’t fret! Concordia’s Promises of a Lutheran Education help to ensure that all students receive sound intellectual foundation.  While the Luke Scholar’s Program is unique on campus, there are many opportunities for students to pursue their intellectual callings, be it in particular majors, classes, high impact opportunities, or events such as the annual Research Symposium.

I am a non-student interested in supporting this program. How can I help?

Concordia is blessed by its friends in a variety of ways. The advancement office can walk you through options to support this program financially, should you feel so called. Otherwise, we ask that you offer our scholars encouragement and keep them in your prayers.