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M.H.A. Healthcare Administration

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Prepare to be a leader in the complex and dynamic field of healthcare and transform the current healthcare delivery system with Concordia University, Nebraska’s online master’s in healthcare administration program. As you build a foundation in healthcare and business management, you will become a servant leader who is dedicated to improving the health of individuals and communities. While you earn your MHA online, faculty who are experts in the field will teach you the various aspects of the healthcare delivery system.

Online Master's in Healthcare Administration Courses

Taught through a Christian ethics framework, our master’s in healthcare administration online degree program allows you to focus on your professional interests through one of four available concentrations:


Gerontology: Discover how to provide the best possible healthcare for adults and the elderly. Through this concentration, you will study the challenges, issues and social aspects affecting the aging population. You will also acquire the necessary skills for enhancing the quality of long-term care.

Health Information Technology Concentration

Health Information Technology: As the number of healthcare facilities that rely on electronic systems for maintaining and exchanging health information is growing, the need for effective leaders in information technology grows. Explore how to incorporate information technology into healthcare systems. Focusing on the goal of improving patient care, you will study cost efficiency, clinical quality and safety and security.

Leadership Concentration

Leadership: Build on your knowledge of core business concepts as you prepare to be a leader in various healthcare management roles. While considering the human aspects of healthcare, you will study human resource management, financial management and organizational management.

Population Health Concentration

Population Health: Work toward improving the health of entire populations. As you learn how to design a healthcare system, you will explore how to evaluate health risk behavior and the behavioral and psychological factors that affect physical conditions in people. This concentration also teaches you how to manage the costs related to chronic illness.

Concordia NebraskaOnline Master’s in Healthcare Administration (MHA) | Concordia Nebraska Core Concepts

Taught through a Christian ethics framework, the online master’s in healthcare administration from Concordia University, Nebraska teaches students the leadership skills required to transform the healthcare delivery system and helps further their careers as healthcare servant leaders who are committed to improving the health of their communities.

Learning Outcomes

Students will be introduced to the health services delivery system, as well as the organization, financing and distribution of health services

Students will explore the key factors of healthcare management, such as governance and organization structures

Students will build an understanding of health policymaking and politics, including the different models of policy making, the role of the government, issues in healthcare planning, the interrelationship of agencies and health insurance

Students will study medical-legal ethics and laws as they apply to healthcare administration and the overall delivery of healthcare

Program Goals


Apply best practice business principles, including theory and techniques, to the healthcare environment 


Communicate clearly, concisely and effectively within the context of professional healthcare environments 


Employ key elements of leadership in the decision-making process and identify, direct and resolve considerations as a servant leader 


Incorporate moral principles in a healthcare organization and infuse Christian values into all ethical dilemmas and their resolutions 


Convey various healthcare issues, trends and perspectives to stakeholders and develop solutions that benefit all parties 

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Online Master's in Healthcare Administration Faculty

As experts in master's in healthcare administration, our faculty and instructors bring years of experience to the classroom.

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Concordia Nebraska Healthcare Administration: Career Outcomes

Administrative Service Manager

To be productive, an organization must run smoothly. As an administrative services manager you would be the person who makes sure this happens by coordinating your business’s services, including maintaining facilities, keeping records, planning budgets and allocating supplies. You may also be in charge of staff development, regulation compliance or drafting communications for the executive team.

10.1% Annual Growth Rate2
$52,750 Entry-Level Salary2
$94,020 Mid-Level Salary2
$163,480 Late-Level Salary2

Nurse Administrator

Nurse administrators typically manage staff in clinics, hospitals, or long-term care facilities, and complete administrative tasks such as staff scheduling, performance reviews, attending meetings, developing training and personnel procedures, managing a budget and more.

18% Annual Growth Rate2
$58,820 Entry-Level Salary2
$100,980 Mid-Level Salary2
$189,000 Late-Level Salary2

2 Career salary and wages sourced from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.