Concordia Portland Transfer Guarantee

With Concordia University-Portland closing, your education has taken an unexpected turn—but you are not alone. Concordia Nebraska is here to support you on every step of the rest of your college journey.

You’ve already worked hard toward getting your degree. At Concordia Nebraska, we’ll transfer all of your academic credits, helping you graduate on time.

Midwest by Northwest

Oregonians Noah and Stephanie describe their journeys to Nebraska and what they found after arriving on campus.

Teach-Out Option for M.Ed. Students

Concordia Nebraska and Concordia Portland have developed a preferred teach-out partnernship for Master of Education (M.Ed.) students to provide you with an opportunity to complete your academic program seamlessly. This means your standard course processes, including established courses in your program, the five-week terms, familiar professors, student service advisors and flexible online delivery will stay the same should you choose this option. In addition, Concordia Nebraska will maintain your current tuition, scholarships and free textbooks.

For more details on this process, visit: Concordia Portland's M.Ed. Teach-out Process

Your First Step: Apply for Admission

As a student in good standing at Concordia Portland, you'll be guaranteed quick admission to a matching program at Concordia Nebraska. We'll waive transcript requirements for your admission decision, letters of intent and essays to prioritize your enrollment into your academic program.

After you apply to Concordia Nebraska, please contact Portland and ask them to send us your transcript so we can evaluate which coursework you’ll need to finish out your program.

Upon acceptance to Concordia Nebraska, we'll waive your enrollment fee and work with you on a customized, individual academic program plan to get you through to receiving your degree in a timely fashion.

Academic Transfer

Don’t waste time having to retake lots of classes at another college. All of your Concordia Portland credits will count toward graduation at Concordia Nebraska. You’ve already put in hard work toward earning your degree, we'll help you get there as fast as possible. 

Online Graduate Academic Programs

Our programs are offered entirely online in eight-week terms. With multiple starts, you can transition into your program with minimal interruption.

For details regarding specific course transfer mappings, use the link below the Concordia Nebraska program that matches your Concorida Portland program.

Business & Healthcare Programs

We're offering discounted rates for our MBA and M.H.A. as part of our Concordia Portland Guarantee to all students who transfer from Concordia Portland.

Undergraduate Academic Programs

In addition, we offer more than 70 undergradaute programs. Our transfer guarantee applies to all students seeking to finish their undergraduate academic program and ensures:

  • All credits earned at Concordia Portland will transfer to Concordia Nebraska
  • Concordia Nebraska will save you at least $4,200 by waiving your enrollment fee and your first year of residence hall room costs
  • Your out-of-pocket costs at Concordia Nebraska are equal to or less than what you paid at Portland

Explore undergraduate programs

We're dedicated to helping you get the most out of the education you've already finished. We have setup pathways for Concordia Portland students to complete their undergraduate program.

Explore Undergraduate Transfer Guidelines

To learn more, or to simply ask questions, give us a call or fill out this form.