Studying at other Concordias

Studying at other Concordia campuses

Concordia University, Nebraska students may study for a semester at any of our nine sister institutions:
Concordia – Ann Arbor
Concordia – Austin
Concordia – Chicago
Concordia – Irvine
Concordia – Mequon
Concordia – New York
Concordia – Portland
Concordia – St. Paul
Concordia – Selma

Our reciprocity agreement within the Concordia University System arranges for visiting students to pay tuition at their home institution while paying the room and board charge of the host institution.

Planning ahead is important. If you want to visit in the fall semester, you should begin the application process in March. If you want to visit in the spring semester, you should begin the application process in October.

Student eligibility

  1. Students currently enrolled and in good standing at CUNE are eligible to apply for the visiting student program of the Concordia University System.
  2. Visiting students are to have completed at least one term at the home campus, have at least a sophomore standing.
  3. Students MUST have a minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA, both at the time of application and at the beginning of any “visiting” semester.
  4. Students are limited to 2 semesters (three quarters) visiting other campuses.
  5. Enrollment in summer or other special short academic sessions is not part of the visiting student program.
  6. Students must be in good standing, meaning they cannot have any pending academic issues, financial holds or disciplinary probation.
  7. To visit another campus, students must first be approved by CUNE and then accepted by the host campus. Some campuses have special criteria and limited space.
  8. Students are subject to the guidelines and policies established and administered by the host institution.
Courses eligible
  1. Coursework taken at the host campus should be beneficial to the student's overall education.
  2. Coursework is to apply to a specific program and must be pre-approved by the student’s academic advisor. Students should work closely with CUNE to determine if courses taken through the visiting student program will meet program requirements of CUNE.
  3. Due to Nebraska state certification guidelines, CUNE students cannot take education courses at host campuses.

For more information

For more information and an application form please meet with CUNE's registrar.