Declaring or changing a major

Visit your academic advisor

Your advisor is ready to answer questions about choosing a major and direct you to appropriate resources.

Review the course catalog

While this seems very basic, it is a resource that is often overlooked. Concordia's course catalog listings may include course descriptions for you to read, and information on career potentials with the areas of study.

Sample academic majors through general education courses

Take a general education course in a major that interests you.

Speak to students in the major

Advanced students in the major will be able to give you an idea what their course study has been, what their career goals are, description of professors, etc.

Speak to alumni

This can be done informally or you may solicit help from the faculty or career services.

Visit with professors/department

Professors are good sources of information about what students in the major have gone on to do and what kinds of benefits students get from majoring in their subject area. Visit the different department web pages and discover information about each academic department at Concordia.

Talk to career services staff

The career services office is available to discuss different options with you. This office has multiple resources to assist you in researching different careers.