Credit By Exam On Campus

Taking a Course "Credit by Exam" While on Campus

A limited number of courses are available to be taken credit–by-exam on campus. Several academic departments have their criteria concerning credit-by-exams in their department. The student must contact the department chair and instructor to obtain permission to take a course credit by exam prior to completing any paperwork. Applications are available in the registrar’s office in the Student Success Center (Janzow 204).

Please note: All credit by exams must be completed and paid at least one week before the end of the current semester.

Related Fees

  • $25.00 application fee
  • $50.00 per credit hour to have the grade recorded into your academic records.

Fees are paid at the student financial services office in Weller 106.

Health and Human Performance Credit by Exam Policy

It is the philosophy and goal of the Department of Health and Human Performance to encourage active participation and attendance in all departmental classes, including activity classes, as a means to broaden students educationally and socially and as a means to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Therefore, the following are criteria for credit-by-examination in HHP:

  • Students must have upper-level standing.
  • Sophomore or freshman students may not take the credit-by-exam unless they present their case to the HHP department chair for approval.
  • Academic advisors are not to promote the use of the credit-by exam unless absolutely necessary (e.g. a student in the last term of attendance short of hours for graduation; a upper-level transfer student whose remaining hours for graduation create an extension of terms of attendance or overloading beyond 18 credit hours per semester) and they should inform the department chair and the appropriate instructors of the situation in question.
  • Student athletes may not take the credit by exam for the same sport in which they participate as an athlete. For example—a basketball player cannot take the HHP basketball class (HHP 116) by credit-by-exam.
  • Students taking the credit-by-exam must gain approval through the HHP department chair and then from the appropriate instructor.