Bartels Museum

The Bartels Museum, housed in the lower level of Link Library, contains considerable variety, with a total of more than 75 displays of minerals, agate, fossils and rocks.

Specimens from all over the world can be found in the collection. Some of the most unique items include a collection of agate "butterflies," a soapstone, cork and jade carvings and an inlaid rock mosaic table top.

Of particular interest to children are a set of animals carved in onyx, fossils from Iowa and Nebraska, a fluorescent mineral display and a bison skull.

Also, there are quality specimens of quartz, selenite, fluorite and calcite crystals. But perhaps the single most beautiful and valuable display features Brazilian amethyst.

Most of the materials in the Bartels Museum was donated by Walter and Ella Bartels of Clarinda, Iowa. The Bartels spent the better part of three decades accumulating the pieces in their collection, building displays and taking them to gem and mineral shows.

In 1983, the Bartels decided to donate a large portion of their collection to Concordia, where the it could be enjoyed by students and visitors. Concordia, in turn, is proud to be the home of the Bartels Museum, and is grateful to the Bartels family for making this outstanding collection available for public display.

The museum is accessible to the public at all times the library is open. Ask for directions at the Circulation or Information Services desks.