News & Events at Concordia

Concordia confers graduate and undergraduate degrees

Saturday, May. 5, 2018
Rev. Dr. Robert Rosin of Ballwin, Mo., presents the commencement address at Concordia’s commencement ceremony May 5, 2018.

Concordia University, Nebraska, held its 111th commencement on Saturday, May 5 awarding undergraduate and graduate degrees to nearly 300 May graduates. 

Graduates receiving a degree in August 2017 or December 2017 were also invited to participate in the ceremony. Rev. Dr. Robert Rosin of Ballwin, Missouri, presented the commencement address, and Concordia presented additional honorary awards and degrees. 

In his commencement address, Rosin talked about giving “Fs” to the graduating class saying, “I’m going to hand out some Fs as you head out the door.” 

“My first F is for futility, the silliness of expecting a finished world,” Rosin said. “It’s futile to think you know what’s coming and can orchestrate it. No fretting over what otherwise might be.  Instead focus on the problems, challenges, and opportunities at hand,” Rosin said. 

“Expand your focus to family and friends, but don’t just talk shop and don’t just live at the shop,” Rosin continued. “Firefly is the next F. In Dante’s epic poem “The Divine Comedy,” in the section of “The Inferno,” Dante looks down into the seventh level of hell and sees a host of individual flames floating there in mid-air, each containing a soul in torment. He can’t stand the sight so his mind’s eye shifts to a shepherd sitting on a hillside, looking down now into a quiet valley with night setting in. There are countless fireflies blinking, flitting here and there, engaged for a moment, and then moving on,” Rosin said. 

“F for foolish. Not stupid or ignorant, but more a childlike wonder. Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish.”  Life changes. Each day is new.” 

“Finally, futility, focus, flow, fun, family, friends, firefly and foolish is the report card. You can pursue them all because of one last F, the most important one: foundation. It has been there throughout this past year in your university’s theme from St. Paul in Romans 5: “Therefore, since we have been justified through faith, we have peace.” 

“Therefore, because of that you have peace beyond the sheepskin you’re about to pick up, peace for what comes today and tomorrow as life unfolds and disappears around the bend.  The future awaits,” Rosin concluded. 

Four individuals received honorary degrees or awards during commencement. Those receiving honors include William W. Biggs of Lincoln, Nebraska, the Doctor of Laws; Rev. Dr. Robert Rosin of Ballwin, Missouri, the Doctor of Laws; Cherie Werner of Battle Creek, Nebraska, the Master Educator; and John B. Merz of Puyallup, Washington, the Distinguished Service Award.  

Concordia Nebraska graduates recognized at the 2018 commencement ceremony as earning their degree include (listed in alphabetical order by state [exception: Nebraska first and international locations last], city and last name): 

Note: Appearance of a name in this news release is not official acknowledgement of completion of the degree, certificate or diploma indicated. 


Jenna Winfrey, Albion, Neb., B.S.Ed.

Isac Splattstoesser, Alda, Neb., B.S.Ed.

Ann Spilker, Ashland, Neb., B.S.

Andrea Wiese, Ashland, Neb., B.S.Ed.

Kelby Feddern, Atkinson, Neb., B.A.

Mallory Parrish, Auburn, Neb., B.S.

Elizabeth Hain, Bee, Neb., B.A.

Kaitlyn Buresh, Bellevue, Neb., B.A.

Ashley Hahn-May, Bennet, Neb., M.B.A.

Wyatt Weller, Bennington, Neb., B.A.

Jenny Wright, Bradshaw, Neb., B.S.Ed.

Megan Seim, Chapman, Neb., B.S.Ed.

Cynthia Campbell, Columbus, Neb., B.S.Ed.

Jade Rowe, Cozad, Neb., B.F.A.

Joel Prince, Davenport, Neb., B.A.

Cassandra Lewis, Denton, Neb., B.A.

Anna Beune, Dodge, Neb., B.A.

Jordyn Brummund, Doniphan, Neb., B.S.Ed.

Grady Koch, Doniphan, Neb., B.S.Ed.

Jordan Slough, Doniphan, Neb., B.S.

Riley Wiltfong, Doniphan, Neb., B.A.

Amber Hopp, Elkhorn, Neb., B.A. and B.S.Ed.

Erik Hart, Fairbury, Neb., B.A.

Karlene Embretson, Falls City, Neb., B.A.

Amanda Moenning, Fremont, Neb., M.Ed.

Hope Moural, Fremont, Neb., B.A.

Amanda Ruether, Fremont, Neb., B.S.

Michael Winckler, Fremont, Neb., B.A.

Rachel Hoarty, Geneva, Neb., B.A.

Rhonda Meyer, Glenvil, Neb., M.Ed.

Kathie Nguyen, Grand Island, Neb., B.A.

Jessica Luebbe, Gresham, Neb., B.S.Ed.

Mary Janovich, Gretna, Neb., B.A.

Kari Stirtz, Gretna, Neb., B.S.Ed.

Carly Rushman, Gurley, Neb., B.S.Ed.

Mary Carnoali, Hampton, Neb., B.S.Ed.

Teya Mason, Hampton, Neb., B.S.

Patrick Wortmann, Hartington, B.S.

Michael Sanderson, Hastings, Neb., B.S.Ed.

Megan Boardman, Henderson, Neb., B.S.

Dillion Hixson, Holdrege, Neb., B.S.

Kyrstin Brandl, Humphrey, Neb., B.A.

Michael Duffy, Kenesaw, Neb., B.A.

Kylee Kuecker, Lexington, Neb., M.Ed.

Prisca Bretta, Lincoln, Neb., M.Ed.

Taylor Brockhaus, Lincoln, Neb., B.S.Ed.

Terry Eklund, Lincoln, Neb., M.B.A.

Debra Galindo, Lincoln, Neb., M.B.A.

Leah Guenther, Lincoln, Neb., B.A.

Susan Hershberger, Lincoln, Neb., M.Ed.

Danielle Hoppes, Lincoln, Neb., B.S.

Emma Jacoby, Lincoln, Neb., B.A.

Dakota Judds, Lincoln, Neb., B.S.

Emily Kunze, Lincoln, Neb., B.A.

Kolton Larsen, Lincoln, Neb., B.S.

Moriah Reinwald, Lincoln, Neb., M.Ed.

Clara Rich, Lincoln, Neb., B.A. and B.S.

Jenna Satterly, Lincoln, Neb., M.Ed.

Sarah Scamehorn, Lincoln, Neb., B.S.Ed.

Jennifer Schenaman, Lincoln, Neb., B.S.Ed.

Leah Shohat, Lincoln, Neb., B.S.

Megan Smid Miller, Lincoln, Neb., M.B.A.

Esther Soenksen, Lincoln, Neb., B.S.

Hannah Rose, Louisville, Neb., B.A.

Brenleigh Daum, McCook, Neb., B.A.

Megan Ruppert, McCook, Neb., B.S.Ed.

Melonie Kotschwar, Minden, Neb., B.A.

Ashley Porter, Nelson, Neb., M.Ed.

Simon Brummond, Norfolk, Neb., B.A.

Paul Nelson, Norfolk, Neb., B.A.

Janey Pasold, Norfolk, Neb., B.S.

Cassie Boeka, North Platte, Neb., B.A.

Shannon Vanderheiden, North Platte, Neb., M.P.H.

Jens Acamo, Omaha, Neb., B.A.

Andrea Anderson, Omaha, Neb., B.A.

Jennifer Anne Behrendt Omaha, Neb., B.S.Ed.

George Caamal, Omaha, Neb., B.S.

Maria Carabantes, Omaha, Neb., B.A.

Camille Clark, Omaha, Neb., M.Ed.

Caleb Haack, Omaha, Neb., B.A.

Michele Nelsen, Omaha, Neb., M.Ed.

Addy Fisher, Overton, Neb., B.S.

Sydney Feller, Papillion, Neb., B.S.

Angela Zarybnicky, Peru, Neb., M.Ed.

Courtney Jurgens, Pickrell, Neb., B.S.

Micah Jeppesen, Pleasant Dale, Neb., B.S.

Michaela Strathman, Randolph, Neb., B.S.

Jonathon Anderson, Seward, Neb., B.S.

Devon Darrohn, Seward, Neb., B.S.

Hayli Frosheiser, Seward, Neb., B.F.A.

Shelbi Hackbart, Seward, Neb., B.A.

Corrie Johnson, Seward, Neb., M.B.A.

Emmiline Moll, Seward, Neb., B.F.A.

Jessica Orwen, Seward, Neb., B.F.A.

Joel Ristvedt, Seward, Neb., B.S.

Elisha Scheiber, Seward, Neb., B.S.

Sara Smith, Seward, Neb., M.Ed.

Lauren Wilcox, Seward, Neb., B.S.Ed.

Matthew Wilkinson, Seward, Neb., M.B.A.

Emily Hayes, Superior, Neb., B.A.

Brook Stuart, Wahoo, Neb., B.A.

Shannon Leinen, York, Neb., M.Ed.

Emily Meisinger, York, Neb., B.S.

Grace Woodburn, York, Neb., B.F.A. 


Nicholas Yarbrough, Fort Smith, Ariz., M.S.

Taylor Bickel, Peoria, Ariz., B.A.

Leigha McConnell, Peoria, Ariz., B.S.Ed.


Naomi Tellez, La Mesa, Calif., M.B.A.

Jacob Fink, Long Beach, Calif., B.S.Ed.

Tiffani Djeu, Monrovia, Calif., M.Ed.

Kari Perna, Napa, Calif., M.Ed.

Kodie Cole, Palmdale, Calif., B.A.

Kirk Kaliszewski, Ramona, Calif., B.S.

Marvin Santiago, San Diego, Calif., M.S.

Sharrell Mathis, San Jose, Calif., M.P.H.

Trae Owens, San Jose, Calif., B.S.Ed.

Daniella Wasjutin, Santa Barbara, Calif., M.Ed.

Raymar Lawson   Santa Clara, Calif., M.S.

Kiyoshi Brey, Temecula, Calif., B.S.

Anthony Zepeda, West Covina, Calif., B.A. 


Julie Friedrichs, Arvada, Colo., B.S.Ed.

Elizabeth Zagel, Brighton, Colo., M.S.

Kim Garcia, Castle Rock, Colo., M.Ed.

Erin Eldridge, Centennial, Colo., M.B.A.

Allise Loomis, Centennial, Colo., B.F.A.

Russell Otten, Centennial, Colo., B.S.

Mathew Romero, Centennial, Colo., B.S.

Abby Schellpfeffer, Centennial, Colo., B.A.

Seth Euken, Colorado Springs, Colo., B.S.

Jocelyn Garcia, Commerce City, Colo., B.S.

Rebecca Axford, Denver, Colo., B.A.

Jacob Lodwig, Denver, Colo., B.A.

Hope Martin, Denver, Colo., B.A.

Neil Ryan, Grand Junction, Colo., B.S.

Grace Stults, Monte Vista, Colo., B.S.Ed.

Justus Thompson, Parker, Colo., B.A.

Kaleb Geiger, Sedalia, Colo., B.A.

Benjamin Leeper, Thornton, Colo., B.A.

Anna Horn, Wheat Ridge, Colo., B.S. 

District of Columbia

Demarius Shorter, Washington, D.C., M.Ed. 


Brian Lewis, Panama City, Fla., M.S.

Genesis Rowe, Orlando, Fla., M.Ed.

Bailey Stamm, West Palm Beach, Fla., M.Ed.

Meredith Wohlgemuth, Winter Haven, Fla., B.A. 


Danielle Barnwell, Atlanta, Ga., M.B.A.

Shannon Kruschwitz, Blackshear, Ga., M.Ed.

Micah Lehenbauer, Perry, Ga., B.A.


Michael Wesolowski, Honolulu, Hawaii, M.B.A.


Andrew Deloney, Boise, Idaho, M.Ed. 


Douglas Lavell, Chicago, Ill., M.S.

Chrystele McKandes, Chicago, Ill., M.Ed.

Jacob Henson, Herrin, Ill., B.A. and B.S.

Christine Young, Lisle, Ill., B.S.Ed.

Brian Thor, Rockford, Ill., M.B.A.

Michael Ware, South Holland, Ill., M.S.

Carly Bueltmann, Tremont, Ill., B.S. 


Laura Adams, Columbus, Ind., M.Ed.

Dennis Briciu, Knox, Ind., M.Ed.

Toria Turner, New Palestine, Ind., B.S.Ed. 


Chelsea Wohlgemuth, Alton, Iowa, B.F.A.

Cole Wohlgemuth, Alton, Iowa, B.S.

Spencer Owens, Arcadia, Iowa, B.A.

Kenzie Woltemath, Atkins, Iowa, B.A.

Grace Lozier, Boone, Iowa, B.S.

Sarah Johnson, Carlisle, Iowa, B.F.A.

Casey Berg, Carroll, Iowa, B.S.Ed.

Brayton Weber, Cumming, Iowa, M.S.

Megan Barz, Dubuque, Iowa, B.A.

Zachary Barz, Dubuque, Iowa, B.A. and B.S.

Sarah Rethwisch, Fort Dodge, Iowa, B.A.

Christian Egger, Galva, Iowa, B.S.Ed.

Emily Riedell, Iowa City, Iowa, M.Ed.

Jennifer Dugan, Marshalltown, Iowa, M.Ed.

Megan Wiggins, Neola, Iowa, M.Ed.

Emily Jensen, Sioux City, Iowa, B.M. and B.S.Ed.

Wesley Williams, Vinton, Iowa, B.A. 


Janelle List, Andover, Kan., B.S.Ed.

Jennifer Miles, Baxter Springs, Kan., M.Ed.

David Geidel, Hesston, Kan., B.S.

Parker Hasenkamp, Hiawatha, Kan., B.A.

Scott Johnson, Kansas City, Kan., B.S.

Alyssa Saalfeld, Norton, Kan., M.Ed.

Josh Pound, Nortonville, Kan., M.S.

Erin Miller, Olathe, Kan., M.B.A.

Kelsey Adcock, Wamego, Kan., B.S.Ed.

Courtney Roberts, Wamego, Kan., B.S.Ed.

Amanda Von Seggern, Wamego, Kan., B.S.

Annie Friesen, Wichita, Kan., B.A.

Molly Goltl, Wichita, Kan., B.S.Ed.

Brian Mann, Winfield, Kan., M.Ed. 


Nathan Elbert, Shepherdsville, Ky., B.S. 


Andrew Sumner, Bangor, Maine, M.S. 


Tashiani Brito, Boston, Mass., M.Ed. 


Ratan Sethi, Bowie, Md., M.Ed.

Dustin Johnson, Luthvle Timon, Md., M.S.


Ana Um, Canton, Mich., M.Ed.

Emily Deschaine, Frankenmuth, Mich., B.S.Ed.

Charlotte Eberhard, Frankenmuth, Mich., B.M.

Emily Fehn, Hemlock, Mich., B.S.Ed.

Rose Loraff, New Troy, Mich., M.Ed.

Samantha Banas, Romulus, Mich., M.Ed.

John Ketterer, Warren, Mich., B.A.


Alyssa Hanson, Faribault, Minn., B.A.

Amanda Uecker, Gaylord, Minn., B.S.Ed.

Rebecca Souer, Moorhead, Minn., B.A. and B.M.

Mason Koeritz, Northrop, Minn., B.A. and B.S.

Brianna Cripps, Winona, Minn., B.S.Ed.

Emma Wendorff, Winthrop, Minn., B.S.Ed. 


Reed Ziegler, Southaven, Miss., M.Ed. 


Abigail Goeckeler, Cape Girardeau, Mo., B.A.

John Bredehoeft, Concordia, Mo., B.A.

Timothy Mehl, Concordia, Mo., B.S.Ed.

Karsten Runkle, El Dorado Spring, Mo., M.B.A.

Rebecca Pilsing, Gideon, Mo., M.Ed.

Meghan Woodruff, High Ridge, Mo., B.S.

Austin Dukes, Kansas City, Mo., B.A.

Kenton Burgess, Lees Summit, Mo., B.A.

Emma Gottschamer, Lees Summit, Mo., B.A.

Andrew Crist, Springfield, Mo., B.A.

Tiffany Herman, Springfield, Mo., B.A.

Natasha Torno, St. Louis, Mo., B.S.Ed.

Abigail Whitener, St. Louis, Mo., B.S.Ed.

Jessica Skerston, St. Charles, Mo., B.S.

Sabrina Hayter, Union, Mo., B.A.

Samantha Coomer, Wentzville, Mo., B.S.Ed. 


Katie Peaslee, Butte, Mont., M.Ed. 

North Carolina

Ifeanyi Ogbonna, Apex, N.C., M.P.H.

Joel Marquardt, Denver, N.C., B.A. 

North Dakota

Lauren Fink, Fargo, N.D., M.Ed.

Caleb Worral, Fargo, N.D., B.A.

Erika Dukes, West Fargo, N.D., B.M. 


Matthew Chilman, Las Vegas, Nev., B.S.Ed.

Christine Raborn-McCrea, Spanish Springs, Neb., M.Ed. 

New Jersey

Evan Rodriguez, Millstone Township, N.J., B.S.Ed. 

New York

Melisa Cucos, Brooklyn, N.Y., M.Ed.

Dahlene Dominick-Crews, Brooklyn, N.Y., M.B.A.

Peter Deberny, Buffalo, N.Y., B.A.

Lislette Engler, Buffalo, N.Y., B.A.

Samantha Schade, Holbrook, N.Y., M.S.

Alexander Goodwin, Rochester, N.Y., B.S.

Connie Lee, Ronkonkoma, N.Y., M.Ed.

Kristin Hayward, Sloatsburg, N.Y., M.Ed.

Stephanie Curcio, Stormville, N.Y., M.Ed.

Grace Cook, Syracuse, N.Y., M.P.H. 


Justin Barnett, Akron, Ohio, M.B.A.

Heather Wallace, Grafton, Ohio, M.S.

Julie Ferrone, Lakewood, Ohio, M.Ed.

Ty Stephens, Peebles, Ohio, M.Ed.

Christopher Genszler, Oregon, Ohio, B.S.Ed. 


Allison Seeliger, Edmond, Okla., B.S.Ed. 


Kurtis Williams, Hillsboro, Ore., M.B.A.

Marcus Butler, Portland, Ore., M.B.A. 


Moses Kiamue, Collingdale, Pa., M.P.H. 

Rhode Island

Victoria Lamp, Cranston, R.I., M.Ed. 

South Carolina

Lindsay Hurley, Boiling Springs, S.C., M.Ed.

Claire Fuhler, Greenville, S.C., B.S.Ed. 

South Dakota

Ashlyn Sebesta, Sioux Falls, S.D., B.S.Ed. 


Kevin Reynolds, Gallatin, Tenn., M.S. 


Jana Gomez, Azle, Texas, M.S.F.L.

Patrick Skwara, Boerne, Texas, B.A.

Heather Aguayo, El Paso, Texas, M.Ed.

Brittney Washington, Ennis, Texas, M.S.

Koby Page, Fort Worth, Texas, M.S.

Brent Wasche, Fort Wayne, Texas, M.S.

Esther Hernandez, Grand Prairie, Texas, M.Ed.

Keithon Johnson, Grand Prairie, Texas, M.S.

Keddrick Fuselier, Houston, Texas, B.A.

Dorothy Wells, Leander, Texas, M.B.A.

Cynthia Liggins, Longview, Texas, M.Ed.

Taylor Rankel, Magnolia, Texas, B.F.A.

Austin Reese, Melissa, Texas, B.S.Ed.

Holly Hall, Nolanville, Texas, M.Ed.

Debbie Roberts, North Richland Hills, Texas, M.B.A.

Regina Roberts, Pflugerville, Texas, M.P.H.

Amy Willis, Sugar Land, Texas, M.Ed. 


Anthony Janoo, East Burke, Vt., M.Ed. 


Binta Boiro, Aldie, Va., M.H.S.

Rebecca May, Lynchburg, Va., M.Ed.

Justin Ellis, Surry, Va., M.S. 


Nicole Medcalf, Lynden, Wash., M.S.

Bradley Anderson, Newcastle, Wash., M.S. 

West Virginia

Timothy Brown, Cameron, W.Va., M.S.

Ashley Battaglini, Martinsburg, W.Va., M.Ed. 


Andrew Vought, Three Lakes, Wis., B.S.Ed. 


Venessa Aab, Pago Pago, American Samoa, M.B.A.

Eric Juell, Armed Forces Europe, M.P.H.

Christopher Johnstone, Sydney, Australia, B.A.

Toby Down, Kowloon, Hong Kong, B.S.

Kwun Ming Fung, New Territories, Hong Kong, B.S.

Karol Arguello, Leon, Nicaragua, M.B.A.

Rosa Gonzales Purihuaman, Lima, Peru, B.A.

Daniel Ball, Chatham, Kent, United Kingdom, M.B.A.

Lewis Rathbone, Manchester, United Kingdom, B.S.