What are Bulldog Bucks?

Bulldog bucks provide students and their friends and family a way to add funds to a student account usable on campus at the Concordia University Bookstore, 10:31 Coffee Shop, Doghouse Grill and the student’s campus Print/Copy account.  A student can then use these funds by swiping their student ID card at these locations.

How to add funds:

  • Online deposit
    • Funds deposited through this website are immediately reflected in the student account.
    • At the web page click on ‘Make a guest deposit’ – you will need the following student information:
      • First Name of Student
      • Last Name of Student
      • Student CUNE Email Address (typically firstname.lastname@cune.org)
      • Deposit any amount of $5 or more to the ‘Bulldog Bucks’ account
  • Cash deposit: visit the Student Life Office, Janzow 204
    • Cash deposits made to the account will take 24 business hours for processing to the student account and will not be immediately available. Please make
      checks payable to Concordia University Nebraska and reference ‘Bulldog Bucks’ in the memo line.

Remaining funds in the account will rollover each semester until the student graduates and any remaining balance over $5 at that time will be refunded to the student.  For questions, please email bulldogbucks@cune.edu.