Parent's Guide

Information for Parents

College is a time of transition for young adults and their parents. Typical adjustment issues for students include living arrangements, roommates, academic workload, time management and homesickness. Our counselors are experienced and caring mental health professionals who offer individualized and confidential counseling services to Concordia University students.  This page is intended to provide you with informaiton about our services and ways we can be helpful to you and your Concordia student.

How can counseling services help parents?

  • Counselors are available to speak with parents by phone or in person by appointment, regarding concerns or questions they may have about their son or daughter.
  • Counselors can answer questions regarding the specific services the center offers.
  • Counselors can help parents obtain referrals to clinicians and resources within the community.

What services are offered?

  • Individual counseling and consultations for students
  • Group counseling as needed and available
  • Educational programs
  • Substance abuse evaluations
  • Brief pyschological evaluations

What do services cost?

  • All services are free to enrolled Concordia students

What about confidentiality?

  • Confidentiality is  an important component  of counseling relationships
  • All services provided to students are confidential
  • Laws prevent therapists from sharing information regarding a student's counseling without the student's permission
  • Confidentiality doesn't prohibit therapists from discussing ways parents can be helpful to their son or daughter with issues they may be facing.

What are some resources for parents of college parents?

Don't Tell ME What To do, Just Send Money by Helen E. Johnson and Christine Schelhas-Miller

Letting Go: A Parents' Guide to Understanding the College Years by Karen Levin Colburn and Madge Lawrence Treeger

When Kids Go to College: A Parents Guide to Changing Relationships by Barbara M. Newman and Philip Newman