Faculty and Staff

This information may be helpful for you in your role as a faculty/staff member at Concordia.

Should I be worried about a student? 

If you have concerns about a student, you can contact the counseling center for consultation or referral. Signs that a student may be in distress are:

  • Chronic tardiness and/or lack of attendance
  • Incomplete assignments
  • Diminished motivation and/or lack of attention in class
  • Poor hygiene
  • Irritable, argumentative and/or disruptive in class
  • Low and/or elevated mood
  • Withdrawn from peers
  • Excessively anxious, worried or stressed
  • Fatigue
  • Self-destructive thoughts or behaviors
  • Threatening behavior toward others

How can I help a student?

  • Be an active listener, be calm, offer comfort and support 
  • Remind student that they aren’t alone
  • When issues are out of your realm as faculty/staff provide student with referrals and resources 
  • Follow through with student to ensure they got appropriate help 
  • Consult with counseling center

What about confidentiality?

  •  Counseling center staff can consult with faculty/staff about their concerns regarding students
  • Counseling center staff doesn’t divulge information we receive from clients without their permission