Computer support

Concordia's computing services office is responsible for the university's

If you have a problem in one of these areas, please contact the computing services office at

Computer Technology (Residence Halls)

Each Concordia student may access the campus network and the Internet with a personal computer from his or her residence hall room. One connection to the network is provided per person.

Other types of equipment may not be connected to the campus network without prior written permission from the director of computing services.

Wireless networking (interfacing) equipment may not be used in the residence hall since it interferes with the University’s wireless network. (See Computer Technology (Campus) for information on the University’s wireless network.)

Most computers today are ready to be connected to Concordia's network when purchased. For information about requirements, configuration and troubleshooting, check the networking FAQ area at For information about appropriate use of the network, see the Acceptable Use Policy as printed in the Student Handbook.

Check the FAQ First

If you are unable to get your network connection to function after carefully reading the FAQ and following the steps listed there, you may request assistance with the network connection. In order to be eligible for assistance, your personal computer must meet some minimum requirements. Your computer must be a Macintosh running MacOS 10.0 or higher, or your computer must be a Pentium-class computer (or compatible) running Windows XP or higher. Your computer must have 128MB or more of memory and 500MB or more of free disk space. Other configurations may be used (e.g., Windows 95 or 98, Linux), but you are responsible for configuring the computer to operate appropriately on Concordia's network.

How to Make an Appointment

To arrange an appointment, call computing services at 7321. Laptops must be brought to computing services for the scheduled appointment. A computing services worker will visit your dorm room if you have a desktop computer. Your computer must be in working condition (e.g., boot without problems) before assistance will be provided. You will need the installation disk/CD and manual for your Ethernet card, and you may need the installation CDs for MacOS or Windows that came with your computer.

Assistance is only provided for establishing a network connection. We are unable to help with software or hardware problems that are not related to the network. If it appears that your computer is not functioning correctly, you may be referred to a service center.

Computer Technology (Campus)

Access to the campus network and internet is available to current students from user labs located in the following buildings:

Building, Type of Use

  • Brommer Art Center room 205, primarily art students
  • Link Library room 132, primarily classes
  • Link Library commons, general use
  • Music Center room 101, primarily music students
  • Science Hall room 212, general use
  • TLEC room 02, general use lab
  • TLEC room 04, classroom lab