Churches and Schools

Center for Liturgical Art

The Center for Liturgical Art encourages and assists the church in its ministry and worship through the visual arts.

Gathering of the Talents

Every spring, Concordia hosts hundreds of students from Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod churches, elementary and middle schools as part of its Gathering of the Talents festival.

Office for Synodical Placement

Congregations and schools of the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod are invited to contact this office when they have positions open to graduating Concordia church work students.

Adding a DCE intern to your church ministry

The DCE internship experience is 12 months of full-time field training during which time the prospective DCE graduate works closely with the pastor, congregational boards and various age groups within the parish. The focus of the intern's efforts are in those areas in which he/she has talent and training, such as education, youth and music.

International DCE Intern Availability

Around the world, there is a need for effective Christian education. A DCE intern is equipped to lead in any and all religious education ministries of your church.

Teacher Colloquy Program

Concordia University, Nebraska, assists in the program leading to certification as "Minister of Religion, Commissioned" for those teachers who are not on the roster of the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod. The point of contact at Concordia for the colloquy program is the office of the president: 402-643-7364. To begin the program, visit, the Concordia University Education Network site.

Concordia Sunday

Resources and information for celebrating Concordia Sunday
Each year the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod sets aside one Sunday in April as "Concordia Sunday." Concordia Sunday is a day for congregations to recognize the ministry of our LCMS universities and seminaries and to celebrate the gifts of those trained through the Concordia University System.

Publications of Interest

Issues in Christian Education
Issues in Christian Education, published three times a year by the faculty of Concordia, explores questions related to the educational mission of the church.


Youth Confirmation Study
"What's happening in LCMS youth confirmation?" This study describes how youth confirmation is understood and perceived by confirmands, pastors, directors of Christian education, and others. The research project is conducted by Rev. Dr. Marvin Bergman, professor emeritus at Concordia University, Nebraska.