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Concordia University Women's Hoops Concordia University Game-by-Game Highs (as of Apr 12, 2012) All games Opponent Date Score WL POINTS REBOUNDS ASSISTS STEALS BLOCKED SHOTS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ at York College 10/31/11 68-50 W 21-Laboda, Lori 10-Peitz, Tracy 4-Peitz, Tracy 3-Laboda, Lori 3-Pearson, Jeri Peitz, Tracy TABOR COLLEGE 11/05/11 79-34 W 17-Birtell, Brit 9-Birtell, Brit 4-Morris, Baile 6-Kistler, Ambe 1-Herther, Kati Birtell, Brit at College of Saint Mary 11/8/11 82-52 W 19-Conahan, Kris 6-Pearson, Jeri 6-Morris, Baile 5-Laboda, Lori 1-Pearson, Jeri Kistler, Ambe Laboda, Lori WILLIAM PENN UNIV. 11/11/11 86-70 W 18-Kistler, Ambe 8-Kistler, Ambe 6-Morris, Baile 5-Rich, Katie 1-Herther, Kati BETHEL COLLEGE 11/12/11 83-53 W 14-Conahan, Kris 8-Birtell, Brit 4-Morris, Baile 4-Rich, Katie 1-Hizer, Kelsey Birtell, Brit at Mount Marty Women 11/19/11 67-61 W 17-Kistler, Ambe 7-Laboda, Lori 4-Rich, Katie 4-Conahan, Kris None NEBRASKA WESLEYAN 11/22/11 99-48 W 20-Kistler, Ambe 6-Laboda, Lori 4-Laboda, Lori 6-Laboda, Lori 1-Kohmetscher, Laboda, Lori at Midland University 11/29/11 67-54 W 13-Rich, Katie 12-Laboda, Lori 2-Laboda, Lori 4-Peitz, Tracy 2-Birtell, Brit Conahan, Kris Laboda, Lori MORNINGSIDE COLLEGE 12/03/11 66-69 L 14-Kistler, Ambe 15-Rich, Katie 4-Rich, Katie 4-Laboda, Lori 2-Laboda, Lori BRIAR CLIFF UNIVERSI 12/07/11 89-87 WO 23-Conahan, Kris 13-Laboda, Lori 7-Morris, Baile 5-Kistler, Ambe 2-Laboda, Lori Laboda, Lori at Dakota Wesleyan 12/10/11 62-49 W 15-Conahan, Kris 8-Rich, Katie 2-Conahan, Kris 4-Conahan, Kris 3-Laboda, Lori Rich, Katie Peitz, Tracy Kistler, Ambe at Doane College 12/20/11 84-58 W 23-Kistler, Ambe 13-Laboda, Lori 4-Rich, Katie 5-Laboda, Lori 1-Birtell, Brit Conahan, Kris Conahan, Kris vs Bethany (Kan.) 12/29/11 82-43 W 14-Conahan, Kris 7-Laboda, Lori 3-Laboda, Lori 3-Pearson, Jeri 2-Birtell, Brit Morris, Baile at Johnson & Wales Univer 12/30/11 103-70 W 22-Kistler, Ambe 8-Laboda, Lori 9-Conahan, Kris 7-Conahan, Kris 1-Birtell, Brit at Northwestern College 01/04/12 67-74 L 15-Conahan, Kris 9-Birtell, Brit 3-Kistler, Ambe 3-Peitz, Tracy 2-Laboda, Lori Laboda, Lori DORDT COLLEGE 01/07/12 65-54 W 16-Conahan, Kris 9-Kistler, Ambe 8-Kistler, Ambe 4-Rich, Katie 1-Hizer, Kelsey Pearson, Jeri Laboda, Lori at Hastings College 01/11/12 59-47 W 19-Conahan, Kris 10-Laboda, Lori 2-Rich, Katie 4-Kistler, Ambe 2-Pearson, Jeri Conahan, Kris Kistler, Ambe Morris, Baile Laboda, Lori at Morningside College 01/14/12 74-65 W 25-Conahan, Kris 9-Laboda, Lori 3-Kistler, Ambe 4-Peitz, Tracy 2-Conahan, Kris MIDLAND UNIVERSITY 01/17/12 79-67 W 17-Conahan, Kris 5-Rich, Katie 5-Morris, Baile 4-Peitz, Tracy 1-Laboda, Lori Morris, Baile Laboda, Lori Herther, Kati at Nebraska Omaha 01/19/12 68-60 W 16-Morris, Baile 7-Kistler, Ambe 3-Conahan, Kris 4-Kistler, Ambe None Morris, Baile DAKOTA WESLEYAN UNIV 01/21/12 68-59 W 19-Conahan, Kris 6-Morris, Baile 5-Conahan, Kris 5-Morris, Baile 1-Pearson, Jeri Laboda, Lori Hizer, Kelsey DOANE COLLEGE 01/24/12 78-57 W 17-Conahan, Kris 7-Conahan, Kris 4-Conahan, Kris 6-Rich, Katie 1-Kistler, Ambe Kistler, Ambe Laboda, Lori Pearson, Jeri Conahan, Kris Benson, Britt vs Concordia University W 01/27/12 98-58 W 15-Conahan, Kris 6-Laboda, Lori 5-Peitz, Tracy 3-Conahan, Kris 1-Laboda, Lori vs Concordia University A 01/28/12 72-68 W 26-Kistler, Ambe 7-Rich, Katie 3-Morris, Baile 4-Rich, Katie 1-Conahan, Kris Laboda, Lori
Concordia University Women's Hoops Concordia University Game-by-Game Highs (as of Apr 12, 2012) All games Opponent Date Score WL POINTS REBOUNDS ASSISTS STEALS BLOCKED SHOTS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ at Nebraska Wesleyan 02/01/12 82-58 W 20-Conahan, Kris 7-Pearson, Jeri 4-Rich, Katie 3-Laboda, Lori 1-Laboda, Lori Laboda, Lori Laboda, Lori Conahan, Kris Kohmetscher, Kistler, Ambe Pearson, Jeri NORTHWESTERN COLLEGE 02/06/12 76-62 W 27-Kistler, Ambe 9-Laboda, Lori 4-Conahan, Kris 4-Morris, Baile 2-Laboda, Lori at Briar Cliff 02/08/12 102-96 W 37-Kistler, Ambe 8-Kistler, Ambe 4-Rich, Katie 6-Conahan, Kris 2-Pearson, Jeri Conahan, Kris Kistler, Ambe at Dordt College 02/11/12 71-64 W 19-Conahan, Kris 13-Laboda, Lori 6-Kistler, Ambe 3-Conahan, Kris 2-Laboda, Lori HASTINGS COLLEGE 02/14/12 70-54 W 12-Conahan, Kris 5-Conahan, Kris 4-Morris, Baile 4-Birtell, Brit 1-Peitz, Tracy Rich, Katie Rich, Katie Laboda, Lori MOUNT MARTY WOMEN 02/18/12 73-55 W 21-Kistler, Ambe 6-Laboda, Lori 3-Morris, Baile 5-Morris, Baile 2-Pearson, Jeri DAKOTA WESLEYAN 02/22/12 93-63 W 22-Kistler, Ambe 6-Laboda, Lori 3-Morris, Baile 6-Kistler, Ambe 1-Benson, Britt Kistler, Ambe Laboda, Lori Herther, Kati HASTINGS COLLEGE 02/25/12 86-48 W 19-Kistler, Ambe 8-Kistler, Ambe 5-Kistler, Ambe 3-Kistler, Ambe 1-Herther, Kati Morris, Baile Rich, Katie Laboda, Lori MORNINGSIDE COLLEGE 02/28/12 73-66 W 13-Rich, Katie 8-Laboda, Lori 1-Conahan, Kris 3-Kistler, Ambe 2-Hizer, Kelsey Hizer, Kelsey Conahan, Kris Rich, Katie Peitz, Tracy Morris, Baile Kistler, Ambe Laboda, Lori vs Sterling (Kan.) 03/08/12 78-54 W 20-Rich, Katie 8-Rich, Katie 9-Morris, Baile 3-Rich, Katie 1-Pearson, Jeri Laboda, Lori Laboda, Lori Hizer, Kelsey vs Cardinal Stritch (Wis. 03/09/12 69-48 W 13-Laboda, Lori 8-Laboda, Lori 3-Peitz, Tracy 5-Kistler, Ambe 1-Conahan, Kris Rich, Katie Morris, Baile Rich, Katie Peitz, Tracy Laboda, Lori vs Grand View (Iowa) 03/10/12 80-68 W 26-Conahan, Kris 8-Laboda, Lori 4-Laboda, Lori 6-Conahan, Kris 1-Pearson, Jeri at College of the Ozarks 03/12/12 70-74 L 20-Rich, Katie 8-Conahan, Kris 3-Conahan, Kris 4-Laboda, Lori None Pearson, Jeri Kistler, Ambe