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Concordia University Men's Hoops
Concordia University Game-by-Game Highs
(as of Feb 25, 2012)
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Opponent  Points  Rebounds  Assists  Steals  Blocked shots 
at York College 15-Haywood, Joel 7-Smith, Beau 4-Braun, Barret 1-Smith, Beau 1-Birtell, Port
   11/05/11    Smith, Beau        Vogt, Adam    Vogt, Adam    
   W 91-66                Golke, Garret    
                   Braun, Barret    
                   Houchin, Bren    
                   Birtell, Port    
                   Dunbar, Charl    
vs KWU 26-Smith, Beau 10-Birtell, Port 10-Haywood, Joel 2-Birtell, Port 1-Houchin, Bren
   11/04/11                Vogt, Adam    
   W 90-80
vs Dickinson State 13-Byrd, Tyler 5-Braun, Barret 4-Smith, Beau 3-Houchin, Bren 1-Smith, Beau
   11/11/11                    Chrzan, Zach
   L 61-76                    Birtell, Port
vs Grace 23-Smith, Beau 10-Birtell, Port 5-Haywood, Joel 2-Dunbar, Charl 1-Smith, Beau
   11/12/11            Dunbar, Charl        
   W 95-88
at Mount Marty Men 12-Birtell, Port 12-Birtell, Port 4-Smith, Beau 1-Birtell, Port 1-Birtell, Port
   11/19/11                Byrd, Tyler    
   L 51-61                Chrzan, Zach    
                   Haywood, Joel    
                   Smith, Beau    
NEBRASKA WESLEYAN 21-Vogt, Adam 7-Houchin, Bren 5-Haywood, Joel 1-Smith, Beau 1-Chrzan, Zach
   11/22/11                Chrzan, Zach    Houchin, Bren
   W 70-65                    Smith, Beau
at Midland University 18-Birtell, Port 5-Haywood, Joel 4-Vogt, Adam 1-Chrzan, Zach 1-Braun, Barret
   11/30/11                Dunbar, Charl    Houchin, Bren
   L 57-70                Smith, Beau    
                   Haywood, Joel    
                   Vogt, Adam    
MORNINGSIDE COLLEGE 17-Braun, Barret 10-Smith, Beau 3-Smith, Beau 2-Birtell, Port 1-Byrd, Tyler
   12/03/11            Dunbar, Charl        Chrzan, Zach
   L 71-77            Braun, Barret        Braun, Barret
BRIAR CLIFF UNIVERSI 27-Birtell, Port 9-Smith, Beau 5-Werning, Joey 3-Birtell, Port 1-Braun, Barret
   L 74-86
at Dakota Wesleyan 36-Birtell, Port 9-Birtell, Port 4-Byrd, Tyler 2-Werning, Joey 1-Smith, Beau
   WO 80-78
Opponent  Points  Rebounds  Assists  Steals  Blocked shots 
YORK COLLEGE 32-Birtell, Port 12-Birtell, Port 4-Byrd, Tyler 2-Dunbar, Charl 2-Birtell, Port
   WO 93-88
at Doane College 18-Birtell, Port 12-Birtell, Port 6-Dunbar, Charl 3-Vogt, Adam 1-Haywood, Joel
   12/20/11    Smith, Beau                
   W 67-64
at Tabor (Kan.) 15-Smith, Beau 9-Smith, Beau 3-Towner, Brian 3-Byrd, Tyler 2-Smith, Beau
   12/30/11        Birtell, Port            
   L 54-66
vs Sterling (Kan.) 17-Haywood, Joel 8-Birtell, Port 4-Haywood, Joel 2-Byrd, Tyler 1-Houchin, Bren
   12/31/11            Towner, Brian        Smith, Beau
   L 71-75
at Northwestern College 37-Birtell, Port 6-Smith, Beau 4-Byrd, Tyler 1-Byrd, Tyler None
   1/4/12        Byrd, Tyler        Smith, Beau    
   W 94-75        Haywood, Joel        Haywood, Joel    
DORDT COLLEGE 23-Birtell, Port 13-Birtell, Port 11-Haywood, Joel 2-Byrd, Tyler 1-Houchin, Bren
   01/07/12                Birtell, Port    Chrzan, Zach
   OL 83-87                    Smith, Beau
at Hastings College 20-Birtell, Port 10-Birtell, Port 8-Haywood, Joel 2-Vogt, Adam 1-Smith, Beau
   1/11/12                Haywood, Joel    Houchin, Bren
   L 68-69
at Morningside College 18-Birtell, Port 16-Birtell, Port 3-Byrd, Tyler 2-Smith, Beau 1-Haywood, Joel
   1-14-12                    Smith, Beau
   L 54-80                    Birtell, Port
MIDLAND UNIVERSITY 16-Braun, Barret 12-Birtell, Port 4-Byrd, Tyler 2-Birtell, Port 1-Smith, Beau
   L 46-67
DAKOTA WESLEYAN UNIV 14-Birtell, Port 11-Smith, Beau 4-Dunbar, Charl 1-Byrd, Tyler 2-Houchin, Bren
   01/21/12                Dunbar, Charl    
   W 67-62                Haywood, Joel    
                   Vogt, Adam    
Opponent  Points  Rebounds  Assists  Steals  Blocked shots 
DOANE COLLEGE 20-Dunbar, Charl 8-Birtell, Port 5-Dunbar, Charl 1-Vogt, Adam 1-Haywood, Joel
   01/25/12                Haywood, Joel    Smith, Beau
   L 93-102
vs Concordia University Ann Arbor 29-Birtell, Port 11-Birtell, Port 6-Byrd, Tyler 1-Byrd, Tyler 3-Birtell, Port
   01/27/12                Smith, Beau    
   W 78-74                Houchin, Bren    
vs Concordia University Wisconsin 20-Smith, Beau 14-Houchin, Bren 5-Haywood, Joel 1-Dunbar, Charl 1-Smith, Beau
   01/28/12                Smith, Beau    
   W 69-67                Birtell, Port    
                   Byrd, Tyler    
at Nebraska Wesleyan 19-Birtell, Port 10-Birtell, Port 4-Dunbar, Charl 3-Houchin, Bren 3-Birtell, Port
   W 67-47
NORTHWESTERN COLLEGE 16-Haywood, Joel 7-Chrzan, Zach 5-Dunbar, Charl 2-Smith, Beau 1-Smith, Beau
   02/06/12        Birtell, Port            Chrzan, Zach
   L 80-91
at Briar Cliff 15-Byrd, Tyler 7-Birtell, Port 5-Byrd, Tyler 1-Haywood, Joel 1-Birtell, Port
   02/08/12                Byrd, Tyler    Braun, Barret
   L 65-71                Dunbar, Charl    
                   Birtell, Port    
at Dordt College 15-Braun, Barret 6-Smith, Beau 3-Braun, Barret 1-Smith, Beau 1-Birtell, Port
   02/11/12        Houchin, Bren        Braun, Barret    Smith, Beau
   L 68-85
HASTINGS COLLEGE 18-Birtell, Port 7-Birtell, Port 5-Haywood, Joel 3-Braun, Barret 1-Birtell, Port
   02/15/12                    Smith, Beau
   W 89-79                    Houchin, Bren
MOUNT MARTY MEN 13-Birtell, Port 10-Houchin, Bren 3-Smith, Beau 1-Braun, Barret 1-Haywood, Joel
   02/18/12            Birtell, Port    Byrd, Tyler    Braun, Barret
   L 61-63            Byrd, Tyler    Vogt, Adam    Birtell, Port
                   Haywood, Joel    
at Dordt College 13-Dunbar, Charl 11-Smith, Beau 3-Haywood, Joel 2-Dunbar, Charl 2-Birtell, Port
   L 57-78