Master Educator Award

The Master Educator Award is bestowed upon those who have distinguished themselves through lengthy, outstanding service in educational ministry. CherylAnne Werner has demonstrated consistent, faithful dedication to her calling as an educator, reflecting the love of Jesus in all her interactions with the children entrusted to her care.

Her love for her students and commitment to the academic and spiritual growth and development of each child in her classroom are evident in the thoughtful, intelligent preparation of each lesson; the intentional creation of a supportive, nurturing classroom environment; and her delight in the accomplishments of her students.

God has used Cherie’s gift of writing to enable young children to know and more fully understand the wonder of God’s love through the joy-filled proclamations of the gospel message contained in her published work.

In recognizing CherylAnne Werner as a master educator, Concordia University, Nebraska honors God for providing all who dedicate themselves to education. We are pleased to confer upon CherylAnne Werner the Master Educator Award.

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CherylAnne Werner

Battle Creek, Neb.

CherylAnne Werner received a Bachelor of Science Degree with Lutheran Teacher Diploma in Elementary Education with an English concentration from Concordia College, now Concordia University, Nebraska in 1991. She accepted a contract to teach at St. John in Battle Creek, Nebraska, in 1991, because there was no time for the congregation to issue a call before the school year began. The following year, she accepted a call to St. John and has been teaching for a total of 27 years.

Werner taught second grade and preschool in the beginning of her career. She began teaching all-day kindergarten in 2002 after teaching preschool for 10 years. She teaches Sunday school and Vacation Bible School and facilitates a weekly women’s Bible study at her congregation, St. John Lutheran Church of Battle Creek, Nebraska.

Additionally, Werner writes for Christian Tools of Affirmation (CTA) and provides poems, activity books, and monthly blogs for their website. She has also written four children’s books titled, “New Life in Jesus,” “A Night Like No Other,” “Red, Green, Yellow, Too…Look What Jesus Did for You,” and “The Very Best Morning.”