Master Educator Award

The Master Educator Award is bestowed upon those who have distinguished themselves through lengthy, outstanding service in educational ministry. With more than 40 years of service as a teacher and coach at St. Paul Lutheran High School in Concordia, Missouri, Larry Laubenstein has made a profound impact on the students, colleagues and other professionals with whom he has served.

With humility and integrity Laubenstein has nurtured, mentored and equipped thousands of students and helped them more fully experience God’s love. As he pursued excellence in the classroom and on the field, his students and teams have also excelled in service to their church.

In recognizing Larry Laubenstein as a master educator, Concordia University, Nebraska honors God for providing all who dedicate themselves to education. We are pleased to confer upon Larry Laubenstein the Master Educator Award.

Photo of John
Larry Laubenstein

Concordia, MO

Larry Laubenstein received a Bachelor of Science degree in Education from Concordia Teachers College, now Concordia University, Nebraska, in 1970 and accepted his call to St. Paul Lutheran High School, Concordia, Missouri, where he has spent his entire ministry teaching, mentoring and coaching students. He received a Master of Education degree from the University of Missouri, Columbia, in 1975.

Laubenstein has taught at St. Paul Lutheran High School for 45 years. He has taught all levels of English literature and composition, German and dual-credit language arts as well as serving as a coach for football, basketball, baseball and track. In 2015, he was inducted into the Missouri Football Coaches Hall of Fame after winning the school’s first-ever I-70 Conference championship.

Laubenstein maintains membership in the Missouri Football Coaches Association. He has served on multiple boards and committees of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, Concordia, Missouri, including chairman of the Board of Education, chairman of the Board of Stewardship and Evangelism, and chairman of the Board of Elders.

Laubenstein’s wife, Linda, passed away in 2014. He has two grown sons, Lane and Jesse. He lives in Concordia, Missouri and continues to serve St. Paul Lutheran High school as a teacher and coach.