Maps and parking for commencement


Commencement will be held at Concordia's Walz Human Performance Complex, located on the northeast side of the campus, along Hillcrest Drive.

Some parking spaces, including handicapped parking, are available adjacent to the Walz, but these fill up very quickly.

"So, really, where should I park?"

Use the lots east of Janzow Campus Center, near E Lincoln St & Locust Ave.

When graduates recess from commencement, they will meet guests on the football field. Towards the other end of the field is Janzow Campus Center parking lot -- not so far away afterall. Also, if you attend the luncheon in Janzow after graduation, you'll likewise be close to your vehicle afterwards.

Where not to park

Hillcrest is the street that passes in front of the Walz Human Performance Complex. It's legal to park on the street right in front of Walz, but once you start down the hill east of Walz, you are in a no parking area. Expect a ticket if you park there.

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