Award Letter

If you have received notification that your award letter has been prepared, follow the instructions below.

If you have not yet paid your confirmation deposit, or if you have not been directed to this page, then please do not proceed to the steps.

View Your Award

View your online award by going to the connectCUNE portal. You will be prompted to log in using your username and password. Once logged in:

  • Select New Student Tab
  • Select Banner Self-Service
  • Select the Student folder.
  • Select Financial Aid.
  • Select Award.
  • Select Award for Aid Year. Select the correct aid year from the drop down menu and then select Submit.
  • Continue by reading the instructions provided on the General Information tab. Please NOTE: There are four tabs in your award letter to review. Please make sure you work through all tabs as you will submit your award letter at the end. Continue below for more detailed instructions.

At the time you completed your online application, you set up your password and were provided a secure access code. If you have forgotten your password, please visit the password retrieval page.

Review Your Award

Review your online award thoroughly. It contains important information about the types of aid you have been offered. 

Submit Your Award

After you have carefully reviewed your financial aid awards and have indicated your acceptance, declination, or modification of each, select Submit Decision. Your submission must be received before funds can be applied to your student account. 

Payment Options

Are you interested in learning more about payment options? If no, please go to the next step. If yes, please click on the links below for more information.

Student Employment Opportunities

Are you interested in student employment? On-campus employment opportunities, including those offered through the need-based Federal Work-Study Program, are made available to assist students in meeting some of the costs related to college attendance. Students receive pay via direct deposit bi-weekly, based on the number of hours worked. Students may arrange to have wages credited to their student account.

Frequently Asked Questions  

The information I received from Concordia said tuition, room & board, and fees are $34,370. My financial aid award letter totals $37,770. Why the difference?

The estimated direct costs (billed by Concordia) are $34,370 for 2015-16. In addition to the direct costs, an estimated amount of $3,400 is calculated for indirect costs (not billed by Concordia) such as books, travel, and personal expenses. Together these costs total $37,770 which represents the estimated annual  "Cost of Attendance" for a typical, full-time (12-18 credit hours per semester) undergraduate student. Your loan eligibility is determined by subtracting your scholarships and grants from the Cost of Attendance amount. Please do not take out more in loans than you need without exploring all other financing options first.

My online award notice indicates that most of my costs will be covered by financial assistance through a combination of grants, scholarships, and loans. Does this mean I don't need any money to begin classes?

There are certain circumstances that may impact the timing of when your aid will be disbursed into your student account. Please see below the possible reasons why your aid may disburse after the tuition payment deadline (which is the first Monday after classes begin):

  • Loan disbursements will not be credited to a student's account until the following has occurred:
  • Other fund sources, such as outside scholarships, may not have been received yet by Concordia. 
  • IMPORTANT: All aid will not pay in if a final, official college transcript(s) or a final, official high school transcript is missing.  It is essential that we have received all final, official college and high school transcripts by the tuition payment deadline to avoid financial probation and a late fee of $300 being assessed to your student account.

You should expect to cover some initial expenses no matter how much financial aid you have. Students who live off-campus should plan to pay (out of pocket) at least their first month's rent and living expenses each semester.

How do I print a paper copy of my online award?

If you would like a paper copy of your award letter select the Award Overview tab, then click on ‘Print’ which is right below the General Information Tab.  This will open a new window that you can print which serves as your paper version of the on-line award.

What are the Unsatisfied Disbursement Requirements?

The Unsatisfied Disbursement Requirements on the Accept Award Offer tab reflect requirements that must be met prior to the disbursement of a particular fund.  Within the Accept Award Offer tab you will see below the Unsatisfied Disbursement Requirements section. You can then click on the Instructions box on the far right for additional information.

I have an outside scholarship(s) that isn’t showing on my on-line award. What should I do?

Students are required to notify the Student Financial Services Office of the receipt of any outside aid. Please send a copy of any documentation that you have (or complete this form) to our office immediately for processing.

I’ve received a request from Concordia to write a thank-you letter for one or some of my scholarships. What does this mean?

Certain Concordia University scholarships are funded through the generosity of individuals and organizations outside of the University. Students may be asked to write a letter of appreciation to personally thank the donor. Failure to meet this requirement may result in forfeiture of the scholarship.